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913 D3 8.5 w/ Phenom X tipped .5

Joshua O

So I have been doing a lot of work adapting to my new driver and it has been paying off i large divedends.

After my session yesterday on the computer system I put up the fastest ball speeds in years.

I avereaged 180 mph and a max of 188 mph with a controlled swing. If I push past that I tend to get sloppy and my smash factor goes down.

I could use less loft, can I buy a 7.5 head? or would it be more worth wile to buy a complete and sell the stock shaft with the 8.5 head?  


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    That's an option, or even trying a shaft such as the Rombax 7Z08, or even the Oban Devotion 7. Both are very tip stiff even before tipping anything off of them and I've recently tried them both in my 910D3 and also my newly purchased 913D3. By far the 2 best shafts in Titleist heads that I've hit so far for any player who is a little stronger and wants the ultimate lower launch, lower spin and isn't looking for any help with carry. As far as selling goes, if you want to get rid of the 8.5 head and/or shaft, you may find that breaking them down into separate components could get you more in the end. Selling the shaft (with or without the adapter) and then the head respectively will often maximize your profit potential. Good luck and keep it in the short grass.

  2. Joshua O

    Some day I will send myself back to GRAMMAR school!


    It's all good brah.......I got the gist of what you were saying. LOL

  4. Norris

    That's a good idea Big_Shack. I was thinking of buying a 913 head, and replace my 910 head with it, but (understandably) Titleist doesn't sell heads only. Also, I'm going to a fitting on Friday, and am going to ask the fitter if I have the right shaft in my 910D2. If not, I would most likely have to buy a new shaft, so with the cost of a new shaft, I might as well go ahead and buy the whole driver, since it is hard to find good used shafts also. If after the fitting, we decide that I need the 913D2, I may try to sell my 910 head, and shaft seperatly, since used 910's arn't worth very much. $150 - $175 tops.

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