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Ap1 712 standard length and lie

David C

Hello....I just purchased a used set of Ap1 712 irons, 3-w. How can you tell if the clubs are standard length and lie? I was told that they are, but I sware they are longer and probably 2 degrees flat. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dave

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  1. Ken W

    For the length, you can take one of the irons to a store or a course/range with a Titleist account and compare it to a current 712 model. The specs haven't changed. For lie angles, you'll need to take the set to someone with a lie angle machine or measuring gauge to check where the specs are. Any competent clubmaker should be able to confirm length and lie for you quickly. There may be a small charge to check the lie even if the club isn't adjusted but that's not unusual and is worth it.

  2. Cameron D


    We can always check the serial # to see what they were originally built at, but this won't account for any changes that have been made since leaving out production floor.  The best way to check the length and lie would be to have a local repair shop measure each iron.



  3. David C

    That's great! Thanks for the reply. Who do I give the serial number to?

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