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710 CB Irons, reshafting

Barry B

I have a 2 part question.

Is it better to have the "factory" re-shaft a full set of irons or a "local" business

What is the cost if the Titleist Factory does it?

Project X 6.0 3-pw Standard Length, 2 wedges Project X 5.5 Standard Length

Any assistance would be a great help..


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  1. James P

    You are talking about 10 shafts @ up to $65 ea, and don't forget grips.

    My advice is find a on-line source you can trust, purchase the shafts in a matched set (the kick point changes with each shaft

    you don't shorten a 3 iron shaft and put it in a 7 iron) , get grips and have the work done locally.

    Also wedge shafts are generally stiffer.






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