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New Club Order

Josh W


I just placed an order today for a full new set of clubs, 913 driver, 3 wood and hybrid, along with a set of AP2 Irons. The woods all have stock shafts, and the irons have Project X 6.5 shafts in them, which are a shaft upcharge. I was wondering how long I should expect for Titleist to get the clubs shipped out to me. Thanks!

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  1. Dave W

    Usually takes 4-9 days from the time you will receive. Enjoy!

  2. Brady T

    Congrats on the new stix, man! I actually just ordered 4-9 AP2 irons as well. I don't know the availablity on those shafts, but I know I ordered mine with the X100U shaft and my pro shop said about a week. With that said, maybe 2-3 weeks?

    Good luck with the new clubs man, hope you like them!




  3. Norris

    Congrats on your new clubs. I know you'll love them, and the more you play them, and get used to them, the better you'll like them. Don't know where your located, but as far as I know, most Titleist clubs come fron Calif. I live in Missouri, and I ordered my set of AP1's with everything standard, and I recieved them in 5 days.

  4. Christopher W

    My irons took 9 days which were hard step 1. Woods took 5 days. Congrats man,you will love your new toys!

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