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910 D3 Bezel Weight

Steve C

just purchased a new 910 D3 9.5 with a stiff Aldila Rip shaft and I love it,-  its a beast, I switched from a 913 D3 with a stiff Diamana Blue shaft.  for somer reason I hit the 910 alot better then the 913, but I'm rambling now, can someone please tell me the standard bezel weight of the 910 D3?

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  1. Ken W

    7 grams.

  2. Norris

    This is becoming a bigger mystery to me more, and more. Why is it that so many folks say their hitting the 910 better than the 913, and then, just as many say their hitting the 913 better. I'm thinking of going from my 910 to the 913, so I guess I'll just have to hit the 913 to find out for myself. Maybe it's just the differance in shafts. I really like my 910, but the only problem I have with it is the sweet spot is so small. If I don't hit it dead center, well, I missed the sweet spot, and I know right away if I hit the SS or not. I've heard the SS is bigger on the 913, but you know how hear say goes.

  3. eric s

    I have the same set up as Steve.... It's a beast.

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