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online purchase?

Tim S

What online retailer is the best for buying titleist clubs? I have my specs from a fitting session and may purchase on line. What retailers are the best and most reputable to place this order?

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  1. eboos

    There is really no advantage to purchasing online with Titleist clubs. At best you may save on the sales tax. With the retail pricing program, sellers have very little flexibility in setting their prices, so it would be beneficial to establish a relationship with a local shop who will give you great customer service. You may want to order through where you were fit.

  2. Deno

    Hi Tim

    I'm a Tennis Pro,  I regularly help my clients decide which racquet is best suited for their game.    Much like a "certified fitter" in golf.   I do expect that after several weeks of trying my racquets,  they give me the opportunity of placing an order though my Pro Shop.   Doesn't always happen that way though, but I would suggest ordering from your Titleist Fitter or your club Pro.   These guys work hard for your business and deserve some consideration. 

     Gary  Player called Ben Hogan once, after not signing an equipmeny endorsement with Hogan's Company,  to ask about his opinion about a particular club he was having trouble with.  Ben's reply..."Why don't you ask Mr. Wilson", and hung up the phone.

    Just my 2 cents

    Good Luck


  3. Tim S

    Thanks guys

    The fitter is the one who mentioned this to me. My specs are pretty standard.....standard length, standard lie and the PX 5.5 shaft.....nothing special about the set up.....I was prepared to make the purchase right there, but to be honest, I did not hit the ball well and was fit for Ap2's when I really was hoping for the MB's.  The fitter was not comfottable selling me the MB's based on my performance.....thats the only reason whey I didnt make a purchase that day. It was rainy and the ground wa super soft...hit a bunch of fat was a mess for me and I didnt make the fitters job that easy....


  4. Norris

    Just my 2 pennies worth, but I'd buy from who ever fitted you. You won't save very much money if any, and your fitter has worked hard to find you what you need, and if any questions, or problems come up, you have someone that knows you and your needs to go to for help. Also, the course I play most is the city owned golf course, so they don't charge sales tax, but this may not apply where you live.

  5. JRobertson

    I believe we should have the option of ordering our custom clubs online. There are brands that do this and I find it much better than having to deal fitting centers who "know" better.

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