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AP2 710 3 iron

Jasper J

I left my 3 iron AP2 710 at the range this winter and unfortunately the finder just took it for his/her own use. Now I really miss it while playing the course again. I have asked my Titleist dealer if he could order it at Titleist, however he said it would have to be a 712 model. On E-Bay there are AP2 710s for sale, but sellers are not willing to ship to The Netherlands. Can I order a 710 version from Titleist? 

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    I have forwarded your request to Europe to see if they have 710 heads available.  We do have 710 3 iron heads available in the US, but you would have to find a pro shop or retailer willing to ship to the Netherlands. 

  2. Jasper J

    Hi Cathi, thanks for your reply. I have contacted my Titleist dealer to ask if they would be willing to order it from the US, no news yet. Will contact them again tomorrow. Regards

  3. michael w


    I am also interested in purchasing a titleist ap2 710 3 iron. I live in Ohio.

    My specs are:


           S300 +1/2"

           2 deg upright

    However, my local dealer said they could customize if the club did not exactly match.

    Can you tell me how I may complete my set with this one 3 iron?


          Thank you,

         Michael Winter 

  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Michael,  You can order a single 710 AP2 3 iron to complete your set.  If your clubs were built by us at 1/2" long and 2° upright, your serial number should reflect those specs.  Your pro shop can call in and order your 3 iron with that number and ask them to match the number and the specs.

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