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Shaft replacement

Jason R


I have a 913 D2 with the Diamana S+ Blue in Regular flex.  However, I was interested in changing into a Stiff flex shaft and was wondering if it is possible to only order a shaft with the 913 adaptor.  



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  1. DEklund

    I know it is because Im interested inpurchasing a second shaft for my 913 driver.  I was told you go through a Titileist dealer and if you need to make a swing weight change make sure you also order the bezel(?) adapter. (I hope I have that correct.) Also check around because dealers can set their own price.


  2. Cameron D


    Yes.  Any authorized Titleist retailer will be able to order that shaft individually for you, which will come equipped with the Surefit adapter.  



  3. Norris

    I have also wanted to check with a fitter to see if I have the right shaft for me in my 910D2, but I figured that for the cost of another shaft, I could probably put a little more money with it and get a 913D2. I bought my 910D2 from a Titleist dealer, but didn't know at the time that the store had a fitting set up in the back of the store, and the manager of the store didn't bother to tell me. He ask what shaft I had in my old driver, and I told him, so he looked in Titleist's book, and told me this is the shaft you need. Needless to say, I don't do business there anymore.

  4. Jason R


    Thanks Cameron!


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