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Hologram Sticker with no number


Hi TT,

Whilst recording all the serial numbers and Hologram Sticker numbers of my clubs on the weekend I noticed that my putter is the only one that has a hologram sticker with no number on it. Is this normal? The shaft does have a laser etched serial number, but just no number on the hologram sticker. I rang the Scotty Cameron Studio Store but they said to contact Titleist.

My putter is a Select Newport 2 with customizations.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge


    The only number that you would want to record on your TT site is the etched serial number.  On metal woods, it is etched into the bottom of the head, on irons - on the hosel and on the putters, it is the number etched into the shaft on the backside of the putter below the grip. 

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