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913 D3 and UST VTS 95

Patrik B

I've read earlier discussions about 913 and UST VTS. It seems that the 65 version is regular custom, the 75 is possible through "off the menu" order and that the 85 version (and presumably 95 version as well?!) is not possible.

Does this mean that the heavier versions doesn't fit in the hosel system or does it just mean that Titleist will not do this arrangement but it is possible if one had hosel + head + shaft separately.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Cameron D


    You are correct.  That shaft (UST VTS 95) is not available, due to the fact that it was not approved through our R&D Department.



  2. Patrik B

    Thanks for the quick response! That is bad news for me :( I really want a heavy graphite shaft (~100 g), what are my options?!

  3. Cameron D


    You could consider the UST Proforce V2 96, which weighs 96g.  That is our heaviest option in our custom matrix.



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