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How to ID an OEM 910/913 driver adaptor?

Dave L

Just curious.  I picked-up a RIP alpha 70 driver shaft from ebay.  Of course, it didn't have the "Titleist" hologram on the shaft, but that may have been removed by the previous owner.  I did notice however that the serial number on the adaptor is different from 2 other shafts I have for my 910 D2.

The serial on the ebay shaft has only 4 digits (69UYY), while my other shafts have 7 digits on their adaptors.  Other than that, they look identical.  

Is there any way to identify and OEM adaptor from an aftermarket?  Thanks.

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  1. Ken W

    Dave, Most of the identification is common sense. Examine your adaptors closely. Are the ferrules the same length and diameter? Are the numbers and letters on the SureFit the same size, color, and font? Is the black paint, the threading, and the screw identical to your known OEM? Major aftermarket adaptors will use Roman numerals etc. and will look slightly different than Titleist SureFits. Looking at the small details will usually reveal whether an adaptor (or counterfeit clubs for that matter ) is authentic OEM.

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