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Struggling With My 913D2

Matt W

Since really starting playing serious about 3 years ago I've played with a png G15 10.5deg stiff. I got on with it ok, gong through good and bad patches, but ever to the point of ditching it. I also always launched it pretty low. Recently I had a driver fit and came away with a 913D3 12deg with a Bassara reg flex high launch. In the fit I was hitting it pretty well but out on the course I'm really struggling, probably finding the fairway 30% of the time at best and have been ditching the driver and playing my 3 wood off the tee a lot. My bad shot with it been low and left drag. I'm thinking it maybe down to struggling reg flex shaft. I've a quick swing and am contemplating going back to stiff. The fitter said I was stiff club head speed but with the low launch I needed a reg high launch to get it up in the air but it seems there has been trade off for control.

Any body any thoughts on if changing the shaft would help and what shaft to maybe try?

Thanks Matt

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Go back to your fitter and show him/her what is happening.  It may be that you need a stiff flex.  The W should still get it up in the air even with the stiff flex. 

  2. Matt W

    Thanks for the reply. Will go back to him.

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