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AP2 or CB

Brian G

I am a 7.4 handicap and am trying to decide between the CB's and the AP2. I am currently playing png S57's, I am looking to switch to a forged club and am just ready for a change. Thanks for you help!

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  1. Will S

    Hey Brian, 

    Personally I play the Ap2s and I really like the feel to them. Their forgiving, yet the shot making ability is still there. I also demoed the cbs and as great as they were, I felt more confident with the ap2s in my hand because of the forgiveness and feel to them.  think the ap2s will better fit your game!

  2. Davis R

    Personally I would go with the AP2 they are much more forgiving than the cbs but the cbs are a very good club to they are just not as forgiving  

  3. Peter O

    Well -- I'm not as good as you (12.4), but I played png Eye 2 until three years ago when I got the AP1s.  Club feels like a forged club, but when contact is less than perfect, it performs like the png.  To an extent, the best of both worlds.  A friend who's a 9 really loves the AP2s.  Good luck.  

  4. Lee S

    I play png S58s And am a 15 HCP.  I was in Edmonton last summer and had to rent the AP2s.  I LOVED them.  I found them very forgiving and very straight.  You can't go wrong with the AP2s.

  5. Austin T

    I play the AP2's, I love them. I love the CB's but was more visually comfortable with the AP2's. I am big on visual so I went with the AP2's. I think they will be more like your S57's than the CB's. I am pretty much the same handicap as you 7-8. Ultimately I would say that you should go to a shop and hit both of them, try the longer irons and the shorter irons. I personally like the styling of the AP2's a whole lot more than the CB. The MB's are sexy though. If I could go back to when I got my AP2's, I would've gotten a mixed bag: 3-6 AP2's and 7-PW MB. So maybe you should consider a mixed bag?? Best advice: go try them out! 

  6. Alan H

    I demoed them both but for me the AP2 was much better on off center shots n still had great feel when struck flush. I am a 1.1 handicap right now I actually went Into my trackman fitting dead set on a CB/MB combo set to replace my old Mizunos but after hitting them i decided the AP2s were definately the way to go for me.
    My fitter told me that you want the most forgiving iron that you can stand to look at at address I found that a very good way to put it!
  7. Brian G


    I was thinking about doing a mixed bag but was thinking maybe 3-6 AP2 and 7-PW CB why would you say MB instead of the CB or is it just the looks?

  8. Jose III R

    There is no question about the forgiveness and ease of play with the AP2 and the AP1. I have, however, been resisting the shift to cavity back clubs. While I am sure they would perform very well, I get a great intellectual satisfaction from knowing that I can play decent golf with blades. To my mind, this is how the game started out, this is the way I want to play it--at least for as long as I am able. Having played for many decades, I believe that it is necessary to resist every temptation to play with clubs that may eventually lead to a softer, slower, lazier swing or playing attitude. The blades (695 MB, 2 to PW -- yes, no hybrids for me) force me to keep sharp mentally and physically. When you're lazy, you pay the price. But when you're loyal to the mistress we call golf, its pure bliss. Cheers.

  9. Paul D

    Yeah, I'd go AP2 if I were you... here's why.

    You're coming off S57's... that said, you won't see a "forgiveness" difference with the CB's, when you compare them to the S57's.  If more forgiveness is what you're after, then the AP2 is the way to go.  If you're after something that games almost identical to your S57's, but with a forged feel... maybe consider the CB's.  

    Another thing to consider, is the fact that a large number of Titleist Tour players choose the AP2's over the rest of the product line.  I'm not telling you to play what the pros play, but rather that you notice what they favor.  If Zach and Webb choose the AP2, then it's for a reason.  

    13 clubs in my bag are Titleist... CB's were my choice... best irons I've ever hit... and that's coming from a guy who hit miz irons exclusively for 10+ years.  I will more than likely purchase a back up set, once the next Titleist product line is announced.

    Cheers, good luck.

  10. Ben M

    I'm a 6 and I play a combo set of CB/MB.  I did hit AP2 in the process of fitting for new irons.  My thoughts...

    I hit the CB 6i lower initially but spun it more than AP2.  My spin rate and angle of descent were both higher with CB...which means the ball has more stopping power.  

    Yes, AP2 is more forgiving on off center strikes.  However, I don't feel like mishits on MB or CB are brutally punished in distance or direction.  When I hit a little toward the toe, the ball usually hangs to the right and comes up about 5-10 yards short.

    I will tell you that playing a less forgiving set has made me a better ball striker after only a month of playing with them.  I do think if you want something similar to your S57s, go with AP2.  If you are looking to get more control of you ball flight and shot shape and are willing to give up some forgiveness, try the CB.  Either way, get fit and use that data to make your decision.


  11. Mike P.

    I play AP2's and I love them. I have never hir CB's so I actually cant give an unbiased opinion. Overall you should go to the golf shop and try them both out, either way you cant go wrong.

  12. Brian G

    Has anyone had an issue with ballooning or overly high ball flight with the AP2.  Also I don't know if it's just me but I don't see there being much of a gain in hitting CB over AP2. From what I have been told AP2 is pretty much the same club as CB with the same workability but with more forgiveness. Can anyone speak to this? 

  13. Tim S

    go for the CB.....very soft, but solid feel....the AP2 is over rated in my eyes and if you can hit an S56, you can play the CB's no problem......I just bought MB's and I am an 11 HDCP......I am playing better than I have with the new blades.......if you play to a 7 HDCP, you can certainly play the CB's.

    I almost bought the CB's because they felt and looked so good but went with the MBs because I liked the thinner top line and the looks of the was a tough choice though...go for the CBs!!!

    wait to see what the 714 line looks like though

  14. masamitsu


       We have the same handicap but my iron play is the weakest part of my game so take this for what's it's worth.  My club recently had a demo day - I was really looking forward to hitting the AP2's outdoors.  I hit them (w/DG S300 shaft) and I thought they were just okay (Currently playing Adams CB2s).  However, I hit the 5 iron is CB and 8 iron in MB and they were amazing.  I hit 15-20 ball with the MB was pureing them.  I hit a few with the MB 4-iron but to honest that thing looked like a butter knife and scared the heck out of me.  The Titleist suggest a combo set of 4-7 CB / 8-P MB.  Think I'm going that way, just need to save up the cash.  



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