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Which Titleist iron works best for me?

Nick B

Currently I am using TM Tour Burner's with XS shafts. I am pretty pleased with my ball flight and all those aspects of the shaft, and I also don't mind the forged irons either, but im not sure if I should switch to blades or not. I definitely like the forgiveness of the Tour Burners, as every once in a while it can definitely help, but I would really like to be able to work my shots more and get better at placement and shaping. I can obviously read the definitions and descriptions of each iron type, but I want to hear your own personal experiences with the process of switching between forged and blades, and also what kinds of irons you switched from/to and how the change went (both positively and negatively). I really appreciate the help TT, and also with this being my first post on this site, i'd like to say im looking forward to learning from you guys and improving my golf game.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Sight unseen, the AP2's might be a good choice.  The AP2 irons have plenty of forgiveness and you will still be able to work the ball.  Since you are making a change, we would recommend you check with a good local fitter such as Brent, Chris over at Miles of Golf or Casey over at Carl's Golfland in Bloomfield Hills for specs as well as which head and shaft visually appeal and work the best for you.

  2. Austin T

    Blades can be tough to switch to. I considered blades when I switched irons 3 years ago. I took a set out on the course for 18 holes. I could hit them great...sometimes. I just wasn't very confident in them. I definitely think that you can learn to play blades better, and that if I would have played more than just one round with them I could have liked them more. But I didn't really want to have that adjustment period, learning new distances and gaining confidence in my swing with different clubs. So I tried out the AP2's because they are the perfect combination of shot control and forgiveness. I bought them and have loved playing with them for the last 3 years. I will probably play with them for another 5 years and then be looking for a set just like them. I found that I can work them and shape shots very easily and I am able to do so consistently. I switched from cally X-14's with stiff shafts, which were great irons, but I am unbelievably happy with my switch to AP2's. ps. I have the 710's not the newest 712's. And I have the DG S300 shafts on them.

  3. Nick B

    Thanks to both of you guys. Yea ive had my eye on the AP2's actually, so I might go and hit those and see how they work out. Thanks for all the help guys.

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