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AP2 712

Dan L


       I just received my AP2 712 iron with steelfiber i95 R shafts and cannot be happier. I wanted to get the steelfiber i 80R but was told these were not approved by Titleist for the AP2 irons. I am a senior golfer and find it very hard to find a traditional iron, no offset or large head, or a lighter shaft. While I can still handle the i95 shaft my club speed with the i 80 shaft was about 3 to 5 mph faster at my age every yard counts.

      The steelfiber shaft is the best shaft I have used in the last 10 years. I hope Titleist will look into making better clubs for seniors. My fitter wanted me to get the AP2 irons with a steel shaft and then swap them out for the i 80's at $100.00 per club,that's a little to steep for me. Titleist has hit a homerun,for me, with their Drivers ,fairway metals and hybrids with the Bassara shafts, I hope the can do it for their irons as well.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Dan,  Glad to hear that you like the Aerotech shafts!  We usually bring in shafts from the Tour first and so far, we haven't had any requests for the i80, just the i95 and the i110.  We will probably start to do testing on them later this summer and qualify them by the fall.  Since you were looking for lighter weight graphite, did you also try the VS proto 75 and 85?



  2. Dan L


       I was looking for a lower ball flight and according to the Titleist chart the aldila shafts had low kickpoint and a higher launch angle and I have not had much success with Aldila shafts.  At my fitting I was able to hit the i 70 , i 80, and i 95 aerotech shafts in an R flex and lowered my launch angle and increased my club speed, even with the 95 gram shaft my club speed went up 5 mph.  I am extremely happy with all my new Titleist equipment. I switched to the Bassara shafts in my Metals and hybrids and cannot believe the difference in accuracy and distance ,plus I picked  up 15 yards on my new irons. Keep up the good work.  Thanks for your response.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    That makes our testing, the VS Proto 85 flew slightly higher than the Aerotechs - about the same launch and spin as the XP.

  4. Roger W


    I am thinking about the same exact combination (AP2 plus Aerotech i95) but am wondering about the turnaround time. I spoke to a shop and they told me it will take 4 to 6 weeks because Titleist doesn't have this shaft in stock.



  5. Bruce G

    Hi Cathi, Came across this old post about Aerotech shafts. I am ready to order AP2's, but as Dan found, us older gentleman, prefer the i80 to the i95. Any chance Titleist has approved the i80 and is it available now?



  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Bruce,  I checked with our R & D department and at this time, they are not going to be offered.  Not only do the shafts have to pass an extensive arrary of durability tests (which is harder for a lightweight shaft), they have to be able to get within a certain tolerance on our build studies, which means that if we build a club at standard length with a stock grip, we would like the swingweight to be within two of our nominal swingweight target.  The Aerotech i95 build about 2.5 swingweights lighter than standard and the lighterweight versions will probably build out even lighter. 

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