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dave p

Yesterday I was fitted for a set of AP1s and 913 D2 Driver at Man O War Golf Center! Now the hardest part....Waiting! So anxious to get the new clubs in the bag and to the course!!!!  Thanks Chris!

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  1. mark w



    I went through the same agonizing wait.


    Now your dilemma is do you play your old "inferior clubs" while you wait for your new perfectly fit for your game clubs.


    My new 913 changed my game. It took 3 strokes off. Shorter clubs into the greens.


    Congrats on the new clubs.

  2. Keano26

    Waiting for my new AP1s to come in the mail in January made me feel like a kid counting down the days to Christmas. I absolutely love them, and they've absolutely improved my game. They are very forgiving, and have tremendous launch. I got the stock Dynalite XP shafts, so I get a nice high ball flight. The 4 and 5 irons are also forgiving as well. Very easy to hit. I'm very happy with them.

  3. dave p

    Thanks for validating my not wanting to play the old "inferior " clubs! It is difficult to go play knowing what's coming!

    I feel better, it's not just me!

  4. Norris

    Go ahead and play them. That way you will feel the full impact, and supieriorty of your new AP1"s and D2. I know the wait is agonixing but believe me, it's well worth it. See Ya in the fairway.

  5. dave p

    Got  "THE CALL" this morning! Clubs are here!  Immediately go and straight to range! WOW! Some major differences and so glad I made the change!  Fitting was dead-on!   People always talk about fitting, but few ever do anything about, I will be the advocate to all my buddies....GET FITTED!!!! It will make a huge improvement in your game!!!  They'll believe me after I take their money!!!  Thanks Titleist!!!

  6. Norris

    Congrats Dave on your new treasures. I know you like them now, but wait until you play them for a while and get used to them. I promise, the more you play them, the better you'll like them. I'd say good luck with them, but now that you have your Titleist clubs, you won't need luck anymore. Hit-um long and straight, and I'll see ya in the fairway.  Norris:

  7. Keano26

    I was the same way waiting for my AP1s to come in January. Like a kid the night before Christmas. You will be ecstatic with your new irons. My AP1s are outstanding clubs. Outstanding launch, great feel and sound when you square it up. Great ball flight- relatively straight, but workable. My 4 and 5 irons are very forgiving. In the past, if I was beyond 165 out, forget about it. On par 4s, I'd take a hack with a 6 iron hoping to go up and down, and on a par 5, I'd hit a 9 iron and then pop a lob wedge. Now I am hitting my 5 iron consistently 166-175 and topping out at 200 with the 4 iron. Slight toe hits are still rewarded. I've already played 100 rounds with my new AP1s, and plan to play hundreds upon hundreds more with them. So happy with em'.

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