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New Hosels for AP2 712?

Tony M

Can you order new black (or another color) hosels for AP2 712's? a few of mine are banged up, cracked, etc. from re-shafting.



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  1. Cameron D


    As long as you have the original shafts (installed by Titleist) still in the clubs, we will be able to take the clubs in and re-ferrule them.  The cost is $9 per club and can be setup through any authorized Titleist retailer.



  2. Tony M

    My shafts are KBS tour C-Tapers that I believe were installed by Titleist because of the Titleist hologram sticker on the shafts. I am just assuming some work has been done to them because the ferrules are in less than stellar condition. How can I be 100% sure of this? for $9 per iron i am definitely interested in having them replaced. 

    Also, i am interested in some new KBS Tour C-Taper labels S-Flex for the shafts as well (4-PW).  If they were installed originally by Titleist as I suspect, is this something you can help with or must I contact KBS directly?



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