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Cutting Down a SC putter

Michael B

I just purchased a 35" Circa 62 putter. I usually use a 34" putter. Does anyone know if I have this cut down to 34", would it change the balance of the putter?

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  1. 19hole

    It will definately change the balance of the putter. For the best results you should send it back to Scotty's Custom Shop. Not only can they cut it down properly but you may find a few other things that they can do for you!

    Check out

  2. Ken W

    Michael, Not effectively. I play 34 inches also and have cut many putters down from 35. Length is so important for comfort and having your eyes set along the line of the putt ( over the ball ) The total weight of the putter is only less by the weight of the one inch of shaft removed( basically nothing ). Scotty adds or subtracts 10 grams at the head per change of one inch in length to achieve what he likes as a starting point for the swingweight. He has made it easier with his modern putters by having interchangeable threaded weights. With a Circa 62, you'll have to use lead or tungsten tape on the head or weight down the shaft if you want a heavier feel. I've never done this because the change after the shortening is so slight, I adjust to it after 10 putts and usually can't even feel it in the first place. Putters are so easy to work on as far as length that you can always add some back if necessary. Last thing, if you like the original grip, find someone who agrees to save and reuse it. That grip does not need to be cut off!

  3. Norris

    I agree with Ken; Before I wised up and got my Scotty, I was playing a 35" Ody putter, and decided to cut it down to 33". I really couldn't tell any difference in the weight, and the owner of the club repair shop told me if I didn't like it just bring it back, and he would put a plug in it to bring it back to 34" or 35", what ever I wanted. Also, I ask him about what kind of grips he had, and he told me that he would save my old grip if I wanted to keep it since it was still in very good shape.

  4. Phil V

    I just cut one inch off a Del Mar and have seen no change in stroke due to weight.  I also installed a large grip, the putter is about feel and preference.  If it works use it and don't get caught up in the marketing.  

  5. Bill V

    You will lose 6 points of swing weight cutting an inch off of it. While not normally recommended, the Circa line is a bit heavier in the head weight than past Cameron models. Just in case, buy some lead tape and add a thin strip to the sole, or cut to fit some for the back cavity. I think you could make it work.


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