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AP1 712 3 iron or 710 H?


Tough Decision...

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  1. Keano26

    First of all, my mistake. I meant 910H, not 710H..Second, I put two questions down for the poll, but only the 3 iron came up.

  2. Lou G


    First of all, my mistake. I meant 910H, not 710H..Second, I put two questions down for the poll, but only the 3 iron came up.

    Have you ever thought about a 910F 21* fairway?  Or the 712U utility irons?

  3. Keano26

    Lou, I don't think I will be able to handle the 712U. While my ball striking is better than its ever been, I just don't know if I'd be satisfied with it. I was thinking about getting the 910H- it's only 150 bucks on a few retail websites. I broke my TM Burner 2.0 3 Hybrid (dent in the head when traveling). My wedges to my 4 iron are set up perfectly, but I only have a driver at this point. I currently have an old IDEA 4 hybrid in the bag (which I will substitute when I decide on which 2 clubs I'll get), but I can add two more clubs. I have three options:

    1.) 3 iron and a hybrid 

    2.) 3 iron and a 3 wood

    3.) hybrid and a 3 wood

    I need a club that I can use to tee off with on short par 4s. I used my 3 hybrid last year and hit it around 210-220. Before the hybrid broke, I struggled mightily with it (beginning of this year). But I know that if I put the time into hitting either a hybrid or FW wood better, I can make it work.

    Current setup:

    Driver- TM Burner 2.0

    Hybrid- IDEA 21*

    Irons- AP1 712 4-9

    Wedges- Vokey SM4 46.08*, 52.08*, 56.08*, 60.10*

    Putter- Everclear E 11

  4. Francesco F

    I have a910H 19* and it's the perfect club from 205 to 220yds for me: it's much easier to hit consistely solid than the 3 iron and it allows me to get a good range between a soft hit vs a harder hit.


    and it's my go to club off the tee for short par 4 or when the driver is not collaborating... lol 

  5. Don O


    First of all, my mistake. I meant 910H, not 710H..Second, I put two questions down for the poll, but only the 3 iron came up.

    The more common AP1 player would likely control the 912H 19/21 degree, or even the 912F 19/21 better than a 3 iron. But most would also use the 24H in place of the 4 iron.  In your case, find an advanced regional center and try all 3. 
  6. Keano26

    Don, you are right. The most efficient way to figure out what works for me is to get out and try all of them. That's what I'll have to do.

  7. Christopher K

    Don O wrote it exactly like I would.  I would definitely try out the 912F along with the 912H.  As a 3 iron, I use the 912F and have outstanding results.  Give it a shot on a range and hit it off the grass if possible.  That will give yout the best idea of how it would suit your game!  Good luck!

  8. Lou G

    Here are some more options:

    913F 17* and either a 913F 21* or 913H 21*    or the 910F/910H combo.

    It is a little easier to launch a 17* 4 wood off the deck vs a 15* 3 wood.   More opportunity for use on the long par 5s.  I carried 975F 16.5 and 20.5 fairways for almost 3 years (2007-2010).  My middle clubs have been a 5H and 6H (26-29 or 27-30) since 2006 or a 9 wood and 6H.  I played 1 1/2 years (Jan 2011- June 2012) with a 7 wood and 26H and that navigated the golf course rather well.  

    In regards to using a fairway vs a hybrid, best thing is side by side. I found out quickly in 2006 that I fared better with a 5 or 7 wood vs a 19 or 21 hybrid.  With equally well hit balls, I have 10 yards more with the fairway wood.   Little distance gain between a 4H and 5H.

    My winning combo these days is a 910F 19 fairway and a 23* Steelhead III 9 wood along with a 910H 27* and SQ2 6-30 with AP1 7-PW and Vokeys (54-60-64).   The reason I don't carry a 3 wood is I have a 13* draw driver (it actually hits farther than a 10.5* neutral driver and I find the fairway pretty consistent).  I recently broke 40 for 9 holes with this combo (2 strokes over par). 1 stroke over par on the short courses.


  9. Norris

    Lou; Can you tell me what iron is the equivalent to your 9 wood? I carry a CG HB3 3 & 4 hybrid iron, I hit the 3 really well, but can't depend on it for every shot. Kind of like I'll hit it great this time, and lousy the next time. I have thought about a 9 wood, but they are hard to find.  Any thoughts would help. Thanks.

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