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Re-shafting vs. new irons?

Bill H

I have been playing the AP2 710 for almost 3 years. When I purchased them, I was custom fit with the S300 shaft, and could hit them. My left knee has always been bad, but I could still swing the S300. Last week I was diagnosed with level 4 arthritis in the knee cap of my right knee. Thus, I have come to the painful realization that I am getting older (I'm only 44) but just don't swing as hard as I used to, and the S300 shafts may be too heavy for me. (Getting old sucks!)

I am considering purchasing new irons to with a lighter shaft to help get more clubhead speed and went to the local golf store today to shop. While I was there, one of the staff suggested that I just send my AP2s back to have them reshafted with the Dynalite or KBS shaft. Now, I'm torn. What would be the best option? I'm sure reshafting would be much cheaper, but I also like the upgrades Titleist made with the AP2 712 irons. Thoughts from the Team Titleist?

Thanks, Bill

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  1. Norris

    Your right Bill, the re shaft job would be quite a bit cheaper, but then there's nothing like getting a new set of Titleist irons. I understand that Titleist made improvements in the 712's vs. the 710's, and if your not in a hurry, the 714's should be coming out in Oct. or Nov. Also, if you go with new clubs, you could get fitted for them, since there may be other changes in your swing that you may not know about yet. Another thing to think about is, like you, I had Polio in my right leg and arm when I was younger (I'm 64 now) and my Doc says that I have what he called Post Polio Syndrome, (go figure) and that I'm only going to get worse, not better, so with your arthritis, you may be in the same boat, so working with a good fitter that is aware of your condition may be best for you. Just my thoughts, and they are free, so take them for what their worth. Good luck with what ever you decide Bill.

  2. Don O

    Sorry to hear about your knee at such a young age.  Before you start buying equipment, do you know your swing has in fact changed too much at this point?  Is the prognosis continued deterioration or is there surgical option?  Amazing what they do now with partial replacements.  If there is an option, then you'd have 912s with the KB shafts and 910s with the 300 shafts and a repaired knee that may get you back to the 910s.  That would be a reason to re-shaft the 910s and celebrate a better knee with the 914s.

  3. Mike C

    I totally agree with Don's recommendation on this and believe you should move over to the AP2 712 series clubs with a different shaft so you will always have the option to go back to the DG S300 if you want to.  Also, getting fit again will allow you to adjust any other factors in the head for changes in your swing (if any) over the past three years.  Yes, it is more expensive, but who doesn't like getting new clubs?

    Personally, I did not see a huge change in the head between the 710 and 712 AP2s (I think they had a pretty good product to start with).  That being said, I'm sure I will be one of the first in line to pick up the new 714 series AP2s when they come out even though I am happy with the 712 AP2s!

  4. Lou G

    While reshafting is a cheaper option (about $17 per club for labor, the price of the grip and the price of the shaft), you can keep your current set to go back to when your knees get better and have a new set with softer shafts fitted for your current swing.

    I'm 56 and my swing has gotten slower (I hit a 13* driver 220-240 and a 5 wood 190-200 now; back in the day I hit an old school X31 4 iron 200 yards and a 3 wood around 270).  I use A flex (with a shortened shaft and upright lie angle) on the driver and 5 wood and regular for everything else.  I also have a different set make up (back in the day it was 3-4 wood, 2-PW and a Dual Wedge; basically my set makeup since 2009 has been driver-5W-9W, 6H, 7-PW, 54-60-64 and putter).  I also play a lot better golf and recently broke 40 for 9 holes on a regulation course.

    When your swing gets slower, a killer short game does help.

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