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913 Clubs

Dillon B

In the past, Titleist clubs have come with stock shafts that say "Exclusively designed for Titleist". I have noticed that the 913 line of clubs do not have this on their shafts. I know there isn't much difference between the "Exclusively Designed" shafts and the real ones, but are the shafts in the 913 clubs the real ones and not ones designed for Titleist?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Except for the Bassara W, all shafts are now "after market" shafts that are available to anyone.  We have continued to keep the W in the lineup because it works so well for players who want to get the ball in the air, or play very lightweight shafts and we have tour players using it. 

  2. bigearnucsd

    i've always heard there's a big difference between after market shaft and "exclusively designed for" shafts.  my 913 D2 diamana 72 is the first driver that i had with after market shaft and i do feel more solid and seems like my misses got narrower.  not sure if it's truly bc of the shaft or it's just psychological, but i really love my driver with the after market shaft.

  3. Gary M

    Different question but similar subject....I am still playing the 905R (9.5*) with a YS-6+ S shaft and am currently shopping the 913D3 but not sure about the shaft lineup.  Big fan of the YS-6+ so looking for some insights on comps with current Titleist lineup (Diamana D+ 72 or S+ 62 vs Aldila RIP Phenom 70).  Have not been fitted yet for the 913.  Interested to know if anyone made a similar switch. 



  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Although the YS6 is an older shaft, we still offer it in the 913 driver.  The closest stock shaft would be the Diamana Plus Blue 62.

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