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714 MB

Tim S

Is there any news on the 714 line coming out? I was curious if the MB line will go under any radical changes like is expected in the 714 Ap2's.

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  1. Tim Tiger

    Word is that tour seeding could start at the Travelers.  

    Any word on this Mike?  Any chance of a peak?


  2. carlos g

    The golf channel reported yesterday that they were going to start seeding the 714 line at the at&t national next week. 

  3. Steve N

    Last night on Golf Channel's On The Range show, they said that 714 iron seeding began this week at The Travelers.  Has anyone decided to use the clubs this week.  

    They mentioned that two years ago only one player decided to use the new irons the week they were introduced and he WON!!

  4. Ted L

    It would be great if Team Titleist could give its members a first look at the new 714 line!!

  5. Joshua L

    Don't count on any major changes to the MB line.

  6. Johnny C

    I'm wondering what Titleist can do to improve on the 712 MB's. They're solid irons and beautifully designed!
  7. Krist T

    Everybody! the new titleist 714 line up pics are up on!!! Go and check them out! major cosmetic changes in the ap line and not much in the mb and cb lines. but like i say! don't fix what aint broke! the cb and mb's from titleist are perfect!

  8. David Browning

    The new 714 MB's look nice. They look like they have a little more muscle to them. Reminds me of my 660's in a way. 

  9. Tim S

    THe 714 CB's will be all mine!!!!

  10. Richard S. W

    hopefully not.  it would be difficult to upgrade such a pure and simple iron.

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