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Titleist 913D2 or png G25

Ryan F

Dear Team Titleist,

I need help to decide on which driver to buy. I like the way both drivers look and after all I am on the titleist website but please don't lean to titleist right away. I have had an iron fitting and golf galaxy fitted me for the png G20 over the ap1 and so I got the png G25 3 Wood and I hit it great. Since I hit it well do u think I should get the png G25 driver or go with a titleist driver for the performance. If you could tell me the similarities and differences of both drivers. I hit both of them and I got similar distance and forgiveness. More forgiveness with the png but just a little more distance with the 913D2. Please help me determine which one to buy. I hit both and liked both. I would like to know the similarities of both clubs and differences. if you think I should go with the titleist 913D2 then which shaft? I was thinking if I got the 913D2 it would be the Diamona Blue shaft but not sure. My swing speed is in mid to high 80s and I have medium trajectory. I used a 9 loft on my R11s so would I use a 9.5 loft or a 8.5 loft if I got the titleist. Ifnyou think I should go with the png then don't answer any of these questions besides the compatibles and differences of both drivers. 

Thankyou for your time and consideration,


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  1. Don O

    If you go to Golf Galaxy, both drivers are on the 2013 Hot List, and they should fit you for free with a purchase of one.  Let the Trackman pick the shaft based on your stroke.  You could be between the Bassara and the S+ Blue in Titleist.  Png would be one of the stock shafts, probably R, maybe S.  GG should at least have the Bassara, White, and Blue in stock for at least the 45 inch setup.

    Make sure their Titleist-certified fitter fits you, not just the next available guy in the back corner.  I'd recommend you should consider going to an outdoor location and try both there.  I don't trust the dispersion pattern hitting into the net.

    I was looking on eBay at drivers and fairways (too many re-runs on TV and my enthusiasm is almost an illness...).  All I can say is for drivers, there were far fewer used 913 Ds than of the 25s in LH.  The 913 Ds came out 4 months ahead.  So my unscientific study indicates Titleist drivers are staying in the hands of users longer than.....this one or any of the 1 year models from the other guys (and already being discounted new).

  2. Justinu3

    I have the 913 D2 and would definitely recommend.  It's far and away the BEST driver Titleist has every made

  3. Mitch O

    Personally, I play the 913D3 and absolutely love it.  It is by far the best driver I have ever hit.  I am not a fan of the png drivers, just don't like the feel.

    So I would recommend going with the 913 but then again I am a bit biased!  Always been with Titleist, and always will be!

    But whatever feels better for you is the best choice.

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