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714 AP2


So, seems like the new 714s will show up on the tour anytime now. Once it comes out on the tour, anyone has any idea or estimate based on past years, when we can have our hands on these?

i've had my irons cally x18s for about 7~8 years and i can't wait to switch to AP2s...

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  1. Darren W

    The 714 irons will be sold to the public starting in early Nov 2013.

  2. Brandon D

    Honestly I can't wait until the 714 Ap2 come out, Because the 712 ap2s Are the best Irons I have EVER used, And they will go down in price, When the 714 hit the market! I really honestly don't think they could improve more from the 712 version. They are absolutely FLAWLESS!!! I have never been so Accurate with my "Game Improving" Irons, And I can work the ball any way So easy with the 712 AP2. If I were you (BIGEARNUCSD) Id go check the 712s out first, Specially since when the 714s come out, They usually cast out the Generation before it.. 

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