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When is it time for a new Vokey Wedge??

David B

I have had my Vokeys for a while now and I am having a hard time letting go of them for new ones especially my 56. I have a perfect ball size mark worn into them and I am starting to see less and less of the grooves. Is it time??

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  1. Joshua L

    Yes, especially if you have a noticeable decrease in your spin rates. It's not uncommon for those who play multiple times a week to buy a new wedge every year. Some even switch them out twice a year. Nothing like fresh grooves. 

  2. Skylar T

    Mine do that same thing after a couple months so I just change them out when I just can't get the ball to spin anymore. 

  3. David B

    Seems like everyone agrees ... it is time!


  4. David Browning

    David B

    Seems like everyone agrees ... it is time!


    David B.,

    I'm assuming that you're going to check out the SM4's/Wedgeworks? Which 56* did/do you have now? 

  5. Dan C

    Take them to a local golf shop, most are able to re groove your wedges, also there are tools that not only clean your wedges but are strong enough to sharpen grooves.

  6. David B

    I have the 56.11 SM and yes I am looking at the SM4's.

  7. David B

    Thanks Dan, I did do that last season. I may do that again and then keep them as back up, hard to part with a trusted wedge, LOL.

  8. Cole

    I'm having the same thing. I bought my 56 degree Vokey a while ago (it was my first Titleist club). I absolutely loved it! I hit so many shots and had some great memories with that club. I recently got rid of it and got a new 56 because my old one was very worn down. I think its time for you to get a new one!

  9. David B

    Cole  .... my feelings exactly!

  10. Cole

    Haha yeah, its hard. I actually kept the old 56 (even though I'm not planning on hitting anything with it) just for the memories. Tell us when you get a new one! -Cole
  11. David B

    I can see grooves again!

    I picked up my SM4 56.11 on Saturday. I am very excited but it rained all weekend here so I will have to wait till Monday to try it out.

  12. Fred C

    it makes me wonder if we can order wedges with hard chrome (like the tour pros get) instead of the nickel chrome that come standard on today's clubs.

  13. David B


    That's a great question!!!

  14. Jim R

    I just upgraded to the SM4's 52, 56, 60 from the same in the orginal Spinmilled.  I love the SM4's, actually feel better to me and did not think a wedge could feel better.  Go hit some demo clubs and see what you think, I think you will like them.  jimr

  15. Norris

    Fred; I'm not sure what you mean by "hard chrome"? I worked in a chrome plating shop for several years, and in the electroplating process, a piece or part must be nickel plated before it can be chrome plated. Chrome plating is just a clear coating that brings out the shine in the nickel.  

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