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What do you think of the 714's?

Trey B

I was wondering what everyone thought of the new Titleist irons? I'm liking the new look but I'd have to go with the 712's over these.

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  1. Tim S

    the 714 Ap2's are nicer than the 712's.....especially the satin finish on the faces.....ill be gaming these as soon as we can get fitted

  2. Kevin G

    have 2 stick with the 712s

  3. Tim Tiger

    I think the 714's look great.  Am going to wait until I can swing them before I pass any judgement.


  4. Brian D

    I think the new look of the 714 line is incredible.  I currently play the MB's, so considering the are basically "butter knives" I am not sure I will be making the switch yet.  Looking at the AP's has me very interested in potentially sliding back into that line.  I am exicited to give them a try as soon as they are released.

  5. H823PUTT

    I love the white insert ... can't wait to swing therm

  6. H823PUTT

    They look nice, especially AP2 with the white inserts ... need to swing them ... I wish the AP1 had the white insert ... thats what I am looking at to buy for next season ...

  7. Jack T

    When will the 714's get released or does no one really know yet.

  8. eboos

    I am not sure about the changes to the AP2s. I like the satin finish, but I don't know about the wider soles or the stronger lofts. When they hit the street, I will be checking out the CBs. As for now, I love my 712 AP2s.

  9. 808HACKER

    The new AP2 714's looks are wicked at best.  Clean lines and everything appears symmetrical.  I'm sure they will perform great too!! But, I still love my AP2 712's...aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! What to do...

  10. Kai C

    I have tried google but cannot find anything of the 914 irons.... where did you saw them ?

    Kind regards,

  11. Andrew B

    Really like the look of the new AP2, was planning on changing from the original version to the 712 but I'm glad I waited - just curious about when they'll be available at the UK National Fitting Centre??

  12. Trey B

    I agree, the new satin face looks amazing. By far my favorite improvement on the club.

  13. Trey B

    Probably around November. So they can sell them to suckers like me for Christmas.

  14. Trey B

    I'm not sure about the strengthened lofts either but it's still going to be 3 degrees lower!

  15. H823PUTT

    My son showed them to me ... I have no idea, I will ask him

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