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Mitch O

Just curious how some of you amateur players are liking the 712U?  Currently have a 19 degree 913H and love it but thinking about also using a 712 or replacing the hybrid all together.  I have a high ball flight as well as a swing speed around 110.  5 Handicap.  I have tried the cally driving iron but was not a fan of it.  Just wondering how you guys feel about the 712 and if it something worth getting?

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  1. Keith S

    I have the 712u 4 iron (1 degree strong) and have ordered the 3 iron (on backorder) and I love the 4 iron. My driver ball speed is around 155-160 with a 7 handicap. I hit the 4 iron around 205-215 depending on turf or tee. I hit the hybrids and would choose the 712U all day and twice on Sunday. It is easy to hit and goes a long way.  Even the mishits are not too far off target and still go a long way. 

  2. Aaron K

    I have a 19 degree 913h Dynamic Gold s300 and just bought an 18 degree 712u with the same shaft.  My handicap is in the 3-5 range and I noticed a big difference in my ball flight.  The hybrid is easy for me to use from all lies with a medium-high trajectory but the 712u had a significantly lower, line drive type ball flight so it's basically a driving iron for me right now.  It looks sharp and I'm currently considering adding another 712u to my bag,  hope this helps!

  3. kevin b

    I absolutely love mine got the 2 played a couple of v Tight links courses in Australia and it was straight and long and reliable . Feels great off the face

  4. Tom B

    Well  somebody must be loving them, because if you order them it can be 4-6 weeks to get them due to the demand.  I ordered a 2 & 3, to probably take out the 5 wood, because I can use it for more, from off the tee, to getting out of trouble, and had always liked using a long iron over a hybrid or wood.  Hit them at a demo event, putting them through various tests, (right, left, high low, trouble etc.) and loved them so now it's just waiting for them to arrive to put in the bag.  Maybe it's me but I feel I have more options and versatility with the irons, and these seem to be the best of both worlds. 

  5. shawn E

    Just got the 4 and i love it.  High ball flight on normal swing but very workable not a shot that I can't hit with it.  Titleist does it again-great stick.  Looking forward to the arrival of the 2 and 3.

  6. Steven G

    I play a 2 iron with Dynamic Gold SL shaft lengthened 1 1/2". After 4 rounds with it, I can work it high/low, left/right with ease. Amazing club, with very soft feel.   

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