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Switching to Titleist Clubs

Bryan G

Hello all,

I am thinking of picking up/switching over to a set of titleist clubs (The 913 driver, 3 wood, 5 wood or hybrid, ap1's and wedges, possibly a scotty putter).  I love the way they look and how titleist present themselves.  I currently use Callys the Razr fit driver and Razr x irons, I have always used Callys, but I like how consistent Titleist stays with their products and golf balls. 

I guess I feel a little nervous about doing this because I am used to my clubs.  Has anyone made this switch (or from another company) and how easy was it to get used to the new clubs?  I haven't been fit for clubs, but I will this time and make them my forever clubs (for now, lol).


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  1. John L

    Hello Bryan,

    I recently switched from my cally X Forged irons and png I20 driver to the Titleist AP1's and  910 D3 driver. 

    I got custom fit for my AP1's and it was the best decision I ever made.  My new Titlestist clubs are better in every way....feel, looks and most of all performance.  The AP1's are solid feel and explode off the face, I hit them higher and farther than any irons I ever had.  The 910D3 is a great driver, I have more control and it goes 10-15 yards farther too.

    I hope this helps.

    If you have any specific questions, please feel free.

    John L.



  2. Lou G

    I've had a 910F 19*, 910H 27* and AP1 7-PW well over a year now.   The main thing I like with the 910s is the penetrating trajectory vs the ballooning type I had been used to with the TM clubs.  The 8-PW have always hit well from first swing (I did make some adjustments - 1/2" short and 1/2* upright mainly because I wasn't picking the ball cleanly).   I have the 910s set up 1" short (I use the 910F on C3 to match lie angles for my Steelhead III 9 wood and for best distance: I have the 910H at D2 and it fills the gap evenly between my 9 wood and 6-30 hybrid); basically have been a terror on the 150-190 yard par 3s with the 910s, the 9 wood and the 30 hybrid.  The 7 iron, in general, has been a bit of a task over the past 4 years and I pretty much had been using a 34* hybrid; I've solved it recently and the main issue is that I was playing the ball too far forward in my stance. 

    I've also been using Vokey wedges since about 2007 (played a 258-12 up until 2009; played do it yourself PW and SW for 2 years, tried CG15 DSG 58 and 64 wedges for about 9 months and ended up going to SM2 60-07 and 64-07).   It took some adjusting to get used to the SM c-c wedges but, honestly, the SM4s are the BEST and those I got used to in rapid action.

  3. Keith M

    Coming from cally like you, the switch is worth it, but I found it very tough.  I was custom fit for my Callys and the Titleists, but as my swing changed over the years between, the length and lie angle were significantly different.  I struggled mightily when I first received my AP1s. 

    I ended up getting lessons which helped a lot and my ball flight, distance, have all improved.  The feel for me with Titleist is superior to any other club I've ever hit. 

    I would recommend the 913 woods without hesitation.  I'll probably get flamed for this, but if you get a Scotty Cameron, I recommend a regrip.  The grips are the ugliest things I've ever seen and holding them in your hand you'll find it remarkable how something so ugly can be even more unpleasant to the touch in your hand. 

    Yes, it's funny how "forever clubs" last about 5 years.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  4. Norris

    Looks like another case of "each to his own". I'll agree that the SC grips don't look all that great, but ever since I got my GoLo S when I play with friends, they'll say, "Oh, you got a SC putter, let me try it", and so far, everyone of them mention how good the grip feels. So, I guess it's all in what you think "good" feels like.

  5. Don O

    Can't stress enough to get fit.  If a stock Cally set fits you better than a stock Titleist set, might be disappointed.  My switch to AP1s from G10s was easy - I bought the G10s used and the length and lie were both off.  It was close between G20 and AP1, both were an improvement, but couldn't be happier with my choice.

  6. Joe T


  7. bigearnucsd

    i felt the same as you.  i liked the feel, consistency and look of titleist's products.  i just feel like titleist is more about the performance/quality and less with the marketing and sales gimmicks.  it's crazy to see all these other products with different color, shape, and short product cycles.  right now i have 913 driver, 910 3 wood, old 585 hybrid that i still love, 2 vokeys and scotty cameron putter which i'm in love with.  i'm just eagerly waiting for 714 ap2 so that i can finally replace my x18s pro. 

    this is just my feel and opinion but i feel like there is a consistent theme from driver all the way to wedge. for this reason, i can't wait until i get the 714 ap2.

    good luck with your switch.

  8. Dallin H

    I have found that everytime I switch clubs it takes a little getting used to.  I use it as an excuse to force myself out on the range to work out the kinks.  I have recently switched my driver, fairway wood and wedges to Titleist and I love them! You won't be sorry once you get your confidence back on the range.

  9. Mike C

    Any time you have a change it will take a little while to get used to.  As some others have said, make sure you go to an authorized fitter and get the clubs fit for your particular swing characteristics.  I know so many people who have bad outcomes with clubs because they never had them properly fit.

    I switched over to Titleist then the AP2s originally came out.  It was a club I really like (good feel with some forgiveness) and have not looked back since.  Titleist has superior products and unparalleled support.  The people at Titleist are just as passionate about the game as we are.  Good luck with the switch and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  10. Justinu3

    I moved from 910 to 913's this year and MAN what a difference.  The 913 D2 and F I have are just pure.  I bought the 710 AP1's after being fitted (1" long and stiff shafts) and absolutely love them.  I hear the 712's and soon 714's are even better which is hard to imagine.

    In my opinion you simply can't get better wedges than Vokey and can't get better putters than Scotty.  Moved to the SM4's this year and definitely get fit because it's important to have the proper gapping and bounce for your game.  Putters are whatever fits your putting stroke and fits your eye.  For me I'm a Newport 2 guy.  I'got several but all are 350 gram heads because it's my preferred feel.

    Good luck!

  11. NANOOK


    I switched from TM to Titleist about 1 1/2 ago and do not regret it for a second.  I was lucky enough to have the club pro at  a local course as my swing coach and he hooked me up with the Titleist rep to get fitted for my clubs.  Funny thing was, was the Titleist Rep told me that with the way technology is these days all the major club companies put out a great product.  The difference comes with the fitting and the shafts you use.  Once you get those dialed in you should be set with any company that you choose.  That being said.... I absolutely love Titleist, the company the product and who would not want a Titleist ball!!! If your going to be fitted for the clubs you will love the AP1's.  Good luck and hit'em straight! 

  12. Nick B

    there is a learning curve with transitioning from any clubs. If I were you, id try to demo the clubs or atleast try them out extensively before buying. The best answer to your question is for you to answer it yourself, try before you buy. personally, I just switched to a 913 d2 10.5 S shaft from a swoosh VR 9.5 and I love it so far. the feel and the distance that im receiving from this driver is second to none. Bottom line, you wont know until you try, try, and try again.

  13. scott a

    I switched from mizzy's to the ap's last summer. There will be an adjustment period but well worth it. I have never been so happy with any set of irons. But the first few rounds were difficult tho. Very normal I think. Distance was the major issue. I gained a few yards per club. 

    My Vokeys never disappoint. Perfect from day one. 

    The Scotty putters are the very best and that adjustment period lasted only a few holes for me. Just a feel thing. Instant bonding, like the Vokeys.

    The woods were the most difficult for me. I'm not a huge fan of adjustable clubs. If you get fit properly, I'm not sure why you would want to play with loft and lie but it didn't stop me:).   

  14. Fred C

    Bryan, you're not alone. Many of us had clubs we dearly loved, but switched when we got the chance to demo Titleist clubs. I recommend you get fitted for them, but promise you will get better performance out of the 913 "woods" and whichever Titleist iron you choose over what you currently use. I tried every brand and model out there since Mr. Hogan left us and only Titleist equals the performance.

  15. Anthony E

    Hello Bryan

         I switched from the MB by TM to MB by Titleist best decision I have made..  Much further distance, greater workability. All around much better clubs.. I have always used Vokey wedges and in my opinion the best wedges on the market. As for the Scotty Cameron once you get the right putter for you, you will never find a better putter..


       Good luck with your decision and keep hitting them straight...  

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