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How do I get an embroidered bag?


I saw a video on youtube of a guy showing off his titleist carry bag that had his name stitched into the back of it. I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites I could order such a bag from or somewhere I could bring my Titleist carry bag to get my name embroidered in. Thank you for you help!

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  1. Chris92009

    First, most of the titleist golf bags get sold out for custom embroidery late in the season such as now so it is better to do this over the winter.  Second, just visit your local titleist store and tell them you would like your name emboridered on the bag and which style bag.  They should be able to order it without delay!

    Good Luck!

  2. Chris S

    Hi Cole,

     If you are looking to get your current bag embroidered, you will have to find a local shop near you that does embroidery and is setup to do golf bags.

    Or, if you are ordering a new Titleist bag from your local pro shop, you can have Titleist embroider the bag with what you want on it. Titleist will only do embroidery on New Bag orders. Also on new bags from Titleist, you can also have something embroidered on the apparel pocket as well as the spine ball pocket.

     Chris S

  3. Tim Tiger

    I ordered mine through my course.  Just let them know what and how you want it.  They will approve and start your orddr pretty quickly.


  4. Cole

    Thank you so much! I'll check that out today!

  5. Joshua L

    I purchased a Titleist carry bag from my local proshop and took it to a local embroidery shop. They turned around the bag in about 3 days and it cost me about $12. I went this route because I wanted to bag in time for a tournament. 

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