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I want to get new irons but should I wait for the 714??


I need new irons right now. Currently I have a set of Cobra's but they are very, very old (they actually hurt if you do not hit the ball perfectly). I tried out a lot of new irons lately and so far my favorites are the AP1 and the AP2 (I haven't decided which ones I want yet). I really want to get them but for the money should I hold out and get the 714 (I recently bought a 910 F and a 910 H and I paid full price for both and about a month after I bought them Titleist came out with the 913 so you can imagine I was fairly mad). I don't want to have the same thing happen to me with the irons as in the woods. Any advise? Anyone have a clue when these are set to release to the general public? Thank you!

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  1. Graham M

    Hi Cole, 

    Titleist usually release the irons for sale around October or November time every 2 years so you will need to wait for a few months yet if you want the 714 version of the AP1 or AP2 irons!

    Guaranteed it will be worth the wait!



  2. Curtis M

    Your in the same boat as me.   I am definitely waiting for the 714 release and gonna stick it out the rest of this year with my older ap1's.  

  3. drtaylorwright

    I actually disagree with the previous posts, I would try and work out something with your dealer about purchasing clubs now and then being able to trade them in and get a discount or something when the new 714 line comes out in November.

    I've been hitting the CB's and just upgraded to the MB's with my dealer and when the new line comes out this fall they are going to give me a pro rated price on the new line MB's (doesn't look like they'll be too much different anyways)

    I'm already benefiting from the new clubs and enjoying the clubs and golf more, if you wait for the new line it'll be a long wait, they come out in November and then you'll likely have to wait until Spring to really use them alot:)

    Just my two cents:)



  4. Cole

    Thanks! Sounds like a good idea! I'll try to figure it out, if I can't I can just stick with my old irons for a couple months. Plus, where I live I can gold year round so no worries about missing golf season. Thanks again!

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