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New 913H

Jim K

Picked up a new 19 degree 913h with the 81g Aldila Phenom shaft. Really looking forward to putting it in play. I hope that it will help correct my usual over cooked draw that I hit with hybrids. Anyone else have this combo? How do you like it? What setting do you have it on and what kind of ball flight does it produce?

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  1. memphisunited

    I don't have your combination, but the 913H is a really nice club.  I just replaced my 909H with the 913H and couldn't be happier.  Very solid feeling club.

  2. No'l

    I felt the same this afternoon while testing out a 913h, 24*.

    This may not be the correct thread to post while I shop for a hybrid, but to share a feedback on the action and result I got from the 24* with a Mitsubishi stock regular shaft of a 913h had a nice consistency of a tight draw which I have been looking for in a hybrid.

  3. Tim Tiger

    I have two rounds with my 913HD 18* - RIP Phenom 82 gram.  It is a rocket launcher.  Lower ball flight and lots of spin.  

    I have been able to flight it as needed so far.  Will continue to test it's powers.


  4. Jim K

    Got a chance to put it in play over the weekend..... Hit it ok on the range but nothing special. Once on the course it was a completely different animal. Let me say....... I love it! Once hitting my balls off grass rather than rocks on the driving range it completely came alive. Was able to dial it in to take away my pull hook which is my typical miss with a hybrid. I also had to add loft because it was actually flying too far....... God that is a nice problem to have! I think I can safely say I've found a hybrid that will be a fixture in my bag for awhile.
  5. Scott H

    A bit late to the party, but after having another competitor in the bag for a few years, had a chance to look at the numbers with trackman and am pleasantly surprised.  With seeing an improvement in club speed, ball speed, and carry, comparable spin rates and an improved ball flight I jumped at the chance to bring a 21* and 24* into my bag.  

    A bag full of Titleist, that's Fun!  Thank you TT.  Fairways and Greens to all !

  6. Chuck Z

    My 913H 24* will be here by FedEx on Tuesday.  I already have a 913H 17* and 910H 19* in the bag now....Titleist hybrids are awesome.....I went from Adams to Titleists and have better flight and control......100% Titleist in my bag...know you will be a happy camper.....

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