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Switched to MB's from CB's


Just wanted to add this post and comment to any and all just because it was something I spent so much time researching. I started hitting the 710 Ap2 and moved into the CB line, have been hitting that club for the past few years and have been really trying to persuade myself that to be a better ball striker it might actually help to hit a harder club... I know kind of weird. Kind of along the lines of Ricky Fowler hitting decades old clubs when he wants to make sure he's striking clubs well.

Anywho... I finally decided I would move from into the MB's from the CB's, I know they're coming out with a new line this fall but figured this would give me a few months to figure out if I would be alright in the MB's. I'm a 13 handicap and I feel like my nemesis has been my ball striking.

So here's what I've noticed, these SOB's are easier to hit than my CB's, I know everyone is going to comment about what kind of a hitter I am and that's fine, but I'm telling you these clubs are the cat's meow if you will, Can't believe how good they feel, even the lower irons fly fantastic and yesterday I was hitting greens at a much higher percentage than I ever did with my CB"s. I know i'm not really trying to work the ball but really focus in on the feedback my shots are telling me. In the past week I have already lowered my scores a few strokes and enjoy the game more and more.

So in case anyone was thinking about trying the blades I would highly recommend you try, I feel it's a way to actually improve your game because your developing your game rather than having clubs that play to your weakness. I know others feel differently and that's great, play what works for you, this is just to let anyone who questions hitting the MB's to give it a try, you may like the switch:) Can't wait to get the 714 MB even though they will be ever so slightly different from the looks of it, I hate being addicted to Titleist clubs, but like most of you secretly love it:)


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  1. David C

    Nice, MB's are just beautiful irons and a joy to hit.  I hit them at a day at the range and have been saving for them ever since.  Now my dilema is to go ahead and get them or wait till the 714's come out.  All I know is, they will be in my bag for next year...

  2. David Browning

    I LOVE my MB's because the feedback I get from them is priceless. Of course, workability, feel, and so on are other things I love about them. 

    If they're really working out for you, that's a good thing. If that's the case, you should go see your local Titleist fitter to have him/her check your lie angle(s), shafts, grips and stuff out to dial those MB's in to a "t" for you. Best of luck!

  3. John L

    no bagging your swing here brother. I'll give you the same advice a former swing coach of mine gave me. there is nothing wrong with a 20 handicap playing blades. some people just hit blades better. and if you can hit blades hit them. golf is about enjoyment and if the blades give you more enjoyment then play them. Im only 32 and i've always played blades. i've tried cavity backs and i always run back to blades. i just play better with them. i love the 712 line. and i'll tell you this if you like the 712 line but want to wait for the 714's thats cool titleist wont change them much cause they have one of the best blades in the game. when pro's say dont change them you know there good. 

    cheer greens and fairways simba

  4. Alex R

    Something my club pro told me about the CBs and MBs is that the CB is better for a player that has more turf interaction or takes more of a divot and that for someone that is more of a picker the MB is a better option.  Maybe you hit it better because of something along those lines?

  5. Norris

    Just my 2 penny's worth David, but if it were me, I'd spring for the 712's now. The 714's won't change much, if any from the 712's, and the 714's won't come on the market for another 4-5 months, so you could be enjoying the 712's now, and for the rest of the season instead of waiting for the 714's to come out. Also, depending on what part of the country you live in, by the time the 714's come out, you may even be waiting until next year before you get to play the 714's.

  6. Carlo Angelo

    As the saying goes..."Whatever works."  Good to know that there are those who can hit the MB's better than the CB's or AP2's.  Maybe I'll give that a go next time I go for a fitting.  Last year when I went for a fitting, never got a chance to hit the MB's.  I was only good enough to hit the CB's and got AP2's for my long iron.

    But I do agree on the note, learning to hit hard clubs can help improve your swing.

    Happy golfing.


  7. AJAR

    I absolutely agree with improving your game by learning how to hit less forgiving and more workable irons. I was always confused when sales reps say 'game-improvement' because I used to think these actually meant the more difficult clubs. But in fact it was the opposite. I really like the feedback and response from the MBs and how they have influenced my swing to be more technically sound. The MBs have definitely improved my game. Not only that, but to add, there's that sweet feeling of flush contact between blade, ball and a bit of turf. 

  8. Jack S

    This week when I go to miami, I will be getting my new mb/cb combo. 3,4,5,6 in cb and 7,8,9,p in mb. If  you guys don't know, I live in Jamaica WEst Indies. I am so thrilled to be getting them. When they arrive I will be going to Tampa to meet a friend. So from Miami I will be going up to naples to play tiburon this week Friday. And on Saturday I will be playing the Copperhead course at innisbrook . Gonna be tons of fun!

  9. David C

    Well Norris,  I couldn't take it anymore.  I should get my MB's on Tuesday.  I cannot wait.  I feel like a kid at Christmas morning.


  10. Norris

    Very good choice David. You won't be sorry. A month or two from now when your used to the new clubs, and are playing your best golf ever, you can tell yourself, "self, I could still be waiting for the 714's to come on the market instead of being out here on the course now enjoying my 712's". I know you'll be happy with your choice, and play well with your new treasures. The only hard part is the waiting. Hope you can sleep at night until they arrive at your house. Congratulations David, and I'll see you in the fairway. Norris: 

  11. David C

    I just got them and I am in love.  The only thing I could say about them is that they are just like my Hogan Apex's but longer and easier to hit.  Thank you Titleist...

  12. Professor

    Hi Jack,

    I just read your post from July, in case I missed it I thought I'd request an update. New sticks, Tiburon, and the Copperhead course? Yeah, we need an update.


  13. Lynn H

    I totally agree with your statement. I just started playing golf and purchased the MB 714's for basically the same reason you did. 

    I love them and just started taking lessons from GOLFTEC. Part of the plan is that they fit you for clubs. My instructor stated that I probably will have to switch clubs. He thinks that a more forgiving club would be more advisable. I can't imagine giving up my MB's I love the feedback and looks.

  14. Branden C

    You're exactly right. I have been swing the 710 MBs for a couple years. I took my buddy's 714 CB's out to the range a couple times because I was looking at switching. After 2 buckets I will never switch. The MB's are so much smoother and feel great coming off the face. Can't wait to upgrade my 710's

  15. John M

    I usually hit AP2s but wanted to move to CBs.  I tried both the CB and the MB at the range, hitting both 6 irons and found the MB was a lot easier to hit.  Its a sweet club.

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