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Switched from 54.11 and 60.04 to 52.08 and 58.09... did it matter?


Soooo I'm one of those guys that goes nuts trying to come up with the absolute best set up for my game, I research like crazy looking at every google search and every forum. I've tried about every wedge there is and gone back and forth many times.... I made an abrupt switch the other day and after playing so so thought I made a big mistake and was about to take the new wedges back...

but after spending some time really practicing with them this morning I think I've come up with a conclusion that I have secretly known all along, you could play with about any combination and set up you want and as long as you really practice it really doesn't matter too much wtih what wedge set up you have.

I looked at all the Tour Players and the wedge set up they have and it's all over the place, some low loft, some high loft, some like the high bounce and others the low bounce, it really comes down to practicing with the suckers off the real course and becoming confident in hitting different shots. I was really surprised this morning at what shots I could pull off that I thought I could only hit with my old 54, 60 degree wedge set.

I hear a lot about how Sevie Balesteros said you should take a 4 iron out and only play with that club for 9 holes to see what different shots you can make.

So all I'm saying is that don't stress too much about switching clubs and wedges all over the place, some good practive time is worth much more than buying a new club or clubs for that matter, saves you a lot of stress and money::)

I know there's something ito say about getting an appropriate loft/bounce and number of wedges but don't make it complicated... and just make sure you are playing Titleist Vokey clubs:)


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  1. Mike C

    What a great post!  I also tend to get a little obsessive in making sure my clubs are set up exactly the way I like them.  I don't think I will be changing my obsessive behavior regarding golf clubs, but I know we can adapt our games to whatever setup we are playing with.

    There have been a number of times when, just practicing or goofing around, I pulled a wedge from a friend's bag and tried to hit different shots.  It takes a bit to get used to, but once you hit a few and get the feel for the wedge, you can make the shots.  We all have out favorite setups, and that it what we are comfortable with, but at the end of the day it is dictated by your playing conditions and your individual swing types and preferences.  Bottom line, it is a very individual thing.

    Just think of all of the different shots you can hit with a single wedge?  On the range and short game practice areas, I like to take my 60 degree wedge and hit to a differnet target on every shot varying the distance so I can get the feel for the shots.  I may flop to a 15 yard pin, then hit to a 70 yard pin, then to a 40 yard and even close it down and hit to a 100 yard pin then back to flopping to a short pin.  Is each wedge setup going to react differently?  Yes, for sure.  But once you get the feel for it, you can match your game to your wedge setup and be effective with whatever is in your hand...  as long as it is a Vokey :)

  2. Lou G

    I played 47PW 51GW 258-12 SW and Harmonized 64 from 2007-2007 and it worked reasonably well.

    My setup was a DIY 47 PW and 55 SW in 2009 with SM2 60-07 and 64-07 and it worked quite well until 2011 when I changed irons to Eye 2 in Mar 2011. 

    I played SM c-c 50-08 (bent to 51), 54-11 (bent to 55) and retained the SM2s thru the middle of the year.  I changed to SM c-c 62-07 to replace the SM2s and that worked fine.  I later added an SM c-c 58-04 but it had limited use.

    Upgraded irons to AP1 in Mar 2012.  Bent the 50-08 to 49 and replaced the 54-11 with 54-14 (bent to 53) and replaced the 58 and 62 with my present SM4 60-10 (bent to 59).  The 60-10 has been very versatile and I had used it as a primary greenside bunker club.

    Briefly tried SM4 52-12 (bent to 51) in place of the SM c-c 50-08 and 54-14 in December 2012 and picked up my present 54-11 (bent to 53) around late Feb.  Was able to get full store credit on the 52-12 toward a new SM4 64-07.  The 52-12 was great for a lot of approach shots, I used it for longer bunker shots but the 54-11 worked far better in sand overall.

    I also bent my irons 7-PW as fols: 31-36-41-46.  With the SM4 54-11 and 60-10 1* strong and the 64-07 I am essentially back to my 2009 setup and my short game is way better than ever.  I've been playing some of my best golf for the past 6 months now and broke 40 on a par 37 9 hole layout, followed by a 40 on a par 36 layout with longer par 4s.  

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