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Kombi S head weight

Doug C

As an inactive PGA Member (left the Golf Industry) and former Titleist and Foot-Joy Staff Member, I am just getting back to playing, after an 8 year break, now that my children are older and starting to play golf more serious.

Been putting split handed since 1992 & tinker with various lengths between 40"-45". Weight distribution, or head weight, is always an issue in order to feel the head well enough for lag putts. Love my 1996 or 97 original Del Mar, but can't get enough weight on it. My Big Sur II was great for lag putts with an approximately 450 gram head and brilliant move to put a graphite shaft and foam grip on this 42" putter, but I hate center shafted putters. I switched to the Newport-Mid about 2001-02 which had a heavy head, but I couldn't feel it with all the weight in the steel shaft and heavy 2-piece rubber grip (plus it was too off-set and wasn't heal shafted enough). Keep going back to my original Del Mar.

My questions are this:

  1. How many grams does the 2009-12 Kombi S head weigh? The S version looks to be more heal shafted then the regular Kombi, and their weights and sole configuration are very different than the standard Kombi. I am looking to find one of these S's if there may be a way to get its head weight up to over 400 grams so I can put my Hybrid (.370) X shaft (tipped) in it to recreate the swing weight effect of Scotty's original Big Sur II. Any chance I can find a pocket or cavity somewhere in the sole to add tungsten powder or melt it in there?
  2. It about killed me to have to buy a golf club after being a golf pro for 20 years, but I bought your 910 D3 to replace my 983K. My tool busted yesterday when it clicked. It was the plastic tip that has the four notches that create the click. How do I get a new tool?

Thank you for your time and assistance –

Doug C. Crenshaw, PGA

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  1. Chris S

    Hi Doug,

     I play a 34" Kombi-S Heavy model. And that weighs in at  355G. I doubt you can get it up to 400 without a bunch of lead tape. I would contact Scotty's Custom Shop about how heavy you can go.

    For the tool you could check your local Titleist pro shop or ebay.

     Chris S

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