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real or fake authorized dealer

Tim S

I was thinking of ordering from an authorized dealer on ebay. The response I received from the dealer is this.


Contact   Titleist at  1-800-225-8500 and ask if GOLFCO LLC is an authorized account

can you check this out before I order? They also charge 250 more than any other place but can build a set with the shafts I this a real account?

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  1. Don O

    If you would pay more than list price, why would you purchase online?  Find a dealer with a driving range and a trackman type device and get fit.  Most will fit for free with a purchase - and likely no more than list.

    No internet dealer is an authorized dealer.  Only if they are an outlet of a brick and mortar shop would the club distribution be authentic.

  2. Ken W

    You didn't provide an item number or actual eBay ID but they may have access to a Titleist account. However, you still have to weigh the risks:

    First, other than Titleist facilities, only Titleist tour vans have individual components to assemble Titleist clubs.

    Second, have you priced this set you want with custom shafts through Titleist? Their shaft selection is big and they do extensive testing to make sure every shaft they offer produces results that are consistent with the company's standards.

    Third, When Titleist builds a custom set, it is done by people who check and double check every specification during the process. Each iron is then engraved with a serial number that references the original specs of the set.

    This online company may buy authentic sets, take them apart, and reassemble them with custom shafts cut and gripped to order specs. However, you have to rely on their honesty and reputation, and also accept that the clubs are now warrantied by them, and not Titleist. Not every shaft combination is available through Titleist.

    In the end, it's your money and your choice. Titleist has a record for accurate building as good as anyone in the industry.

  3. Parthur

    1. That is Titleist's phone number. Give them a call.

    2. As for pricing: check with a local pro and ask what it would cost for the same set that you priced on-line. You may be surprised. Some pro shops charge very reasonably due to local and on-line competition.

  4. Tim S

    I didn't buy....when I told the seller there is no authorized on line retailer and px9s shafts are not part of the titleist lineup, he went silent.....

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