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cracking sound in grip of Titleist Bassara 55 shaft

Bill B

I ordered a new Titleist Bassara 55 stiff shaft for my new 913 D2 driver and hear a little cracking sound on occasion near the end of the grip.  It occurs generally after I hit a tee shot.  Sometimes I can hear it when I start my downswing.

A little concerned about what this might be.  Can you suggest a reason?

Bill Brenner

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Bill, 

    Sight unseen, we can't tell you exactly what that noise represents, but, it sounds like the shaft may be splintering.  Please take it to your local pro shop and have them contact our Warranty department.  We will bring it in and replace if there is a problem with the shaft. 

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