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Can I get a 2 or 3 iron for my AP1 712 set?

David H

I would like a driving iron for my AP1 set.  Is a 2 o 3 iron version available/

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  1. 19hole

    I think that you would be much better of with a 17° hybrid club than a 2 iron. A 3 iron is available in the AP1 irons, but again a properly fitted hybrid club will be much easier to hit in a more consistant manner than a long iron.

  2. PK

    I would highly advise getting a 2 or 3 iron unless your swing speed is ~ 125mph with a driver and your hitting 300 carry. Most of us don't have the swing speed or even the angle of attack to hit a 2 or 3 iron. I agree with the fitter and get yourself fitted for a hybrid. If it's ball flight your looking for you can tip the shaft so that it lowers the ball flight. It's a hell of a lot easier to hit a hybrid than a 2 or 3 iron. 

  3. Thomas C

    I disagree.  I was recently fit for a new set of clubs and the Titleist fitter handed me hybrids to fill in the yardage gaps.  I hit them sporadically at best.  He then handed me a 712u 3 iron (2 iron also available) and I flushed three of them straight down the middle.  The distance fits in perfect between my AP2 4 iron and 913 5 wood. I've just never liked the "feel" of hybrids or the look.  Each person has their own preferences.  I am a 15 handicap with a 110 driver swing speed so nothing too special as far as my abilities, I just prefer irons and hit them better.

  4. Don O

    I agree with looking at a hybrid first, although I think 125 mph club head speed is a fairly high estimate of ability.  It does come down to very personnal ability.  I have AP1s for a couple of reasons, and I can manage a 5 iron, maybe a 4 iron, but don't touch my 7W fairway replacement for a 3 iron.  Most players under 100 mph swing speed will have difficulty with a 3 iron and especially if the ball striking isn't spot on.  The U clubs are another alternative to a hybrid, if hybrids really mess with your game.  But for the less than accurate, ball strikers, the 2 iron will be a fairway, not even a hybrid.

    The only 2 irons are the U and CB.  And then the various 17/19 hybrids/fairways.

  5. Mike C

    Seems to be opinions going both directions, here.  Go to a Titleist fitter and hit both the AP1 3-iron, 712U 2 and 3-irons and the hybrids with the proper shafts for your swings and you can see what feels best.  They probably won't have a 3-iron setup in the AP1 where they can switch out the shafts but may have something available in a standard shaft you can hit.  I would work with the fitter to try all of the permutations and see what works best for you and your swing.  At the end of the day, it comes down to what you personally feel most comfortable hitting.  In general, most people believe the hybrid is an easire club to hit and more forgiving (that's why they were developed) but everybody is a little different in their preferences.

  6. Kevin G

    Global lets you customize single irons sent straight from the manufacturer. Even in AP1

  7. mallard15

    You could always buy a 3 iron AP1 and then just bend it to your desired 2 iron loft.

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