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Considering going from a 907D2 to 913D2 or 913D3

Dave P

I have a couple of questions. 

1)  I currently play with a Fujikura speeder Stiff shaft and was considering whether or not any of the "stock" shafts on the 913s would closely match what I am currently using. 

2) I currently play with an 8.5 degree loft, I assume that the 8.5 degree will play similar in the 913

3)  How much more distance would I expect to get from a 907D2 to a 913?

4) I play a slight draw and currently am a 3 handicapper.  I'm try to determine whether or not the 913D2 or 913D3 would be best for me.  I looked and saw tour pros are playing both of these.  What are your thoughts?

5)  Should I pull the trigger and buy a 913?


Thanks for your reading of my post, I appreciate all your responses.

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  1. Don O

    It looks like it has been 5-6 years on the same driver.  Worth a good fitting.  Make sure you can try both heads and a lot of shafts.  If you dont get 10 yards or more - would it worth paying for the new driver?  A new driver will be $400 with stock shafts so might as well get fit for the today you and not the 5 year old you.  Steve Stricker moved from a 909 to a 913 - but primarily because the head on the 909 ceacked.  8.5 would be a good starting point.

  2. 19hole

    I would find a Certified Titleist Fitter and try them both. The fitter will help you with proper loft and shaft selection and you will be able to hit both the D2 and D3 heads and decide which feels and looks best to you.

    Do yourself and your game a favor and do not buy anything without the help of a fitter.

  3. Dave P

    I understand it is best to see a certified fitter, but I was hoping for some general guidance or thoughts for a starting point.


    Thank you.

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