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SET UP For my 913D2 Driver

Vancliff J

I just bought a 913D2 Driver with the Bassara 50 Shaft Stiff.

I do not now have access to a fitter and would very much like to get your opinion on the "best" set up for me.

My Driver SS is 89-92 mph with moderate tempo and slightly positive a of a. My misses tend to be hooks.

I have the follwing shafts left over from my 910D2 days:

(1) Diamana Kai'li 65 Regular

(2)Diamana Kai'li 65 Stiff

(3)Graphite Design  50 Regular.

They are all 45" since I have found my Smash Factor is good at this length.

I would like to use one of these shafts in my Club Tournament this weekend.

Which shaft and setting would you recommend?  I will go get fitted later.


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  1. fred k


    loaded question :)

    if i remember correctly, the 913d2 has a slight draw bias, so your misses left seem to make sense.  if you're consistently moving the ball left, you might want to consider setting the driver to b-1.

    in terms of shafts, the gd and bassara will be higher launch.  you may get a little more carry out of these since they're 50g shafts vs the kaili shafts.  the kaili shafts are mid launch so you may get a little more roll and a little less carry with these.

    now, your ss is in the same area as mine, so you're on the cusp of stiff.  the one thing to consider is that the bassara sports a high torque factor.  so if you can't get in any range time to see how your different shafts react, i'd say (blindly) that maybe you should go with the kaili stiff (which is lower torque) and sacrifice a little distance in order to stay in the short grass.

    good luck!


  2. AC RixRox

    Wow, in your golf shoes, IMHO, I would recommend you dial in the Bassara. Especially if it is a W series with the Griffin. It is similar in profile to your Kai'li and should give you outstanding flight, penetration and consistency like your Kai'li.

     I hit only Kai'li and Bassara W series "Wyevern"  so without your fitter, especially if he is good to your clubs I would, for the moment, "dial in" swing the Bassara if it is a W series The one with the medieval griffin on it. Someone mentioned B1. I would dial in B1 and see how she feels and flies. You might be very surprised. For, me the W series Bassara is a sleeper, cheaper kai'li only red and black. My $.02 cents worth. Fairways and greens, always!


  3. Ron R

    I'm not sure how tall you are. I'm 5' 6" and was fitted at Golfsmith for A1 position. I was hitting a lot of low hooks. I changed to the C4 position and LOVE the consistent draw ball flight. Bassara 50 shaft is a must. Good luck!

  4. Kenneth Y

    I bought a 913 D2 and my coach (an expert fitter had  Crazy Clubs in Scottsdale) re-shaft it with an

    Accura M3-55+, I inch +.  Great club and great shaft. 


    I also bought 3 Vokey Wedges and he had them re-shafted with Acro Tech, Steel Fiber i95 X shafts.

    Great shaft. 

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