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Need help with shaft choice.


Just have a quick question about my choice of driver shafts from members or Cathi. I'm now hitting a 910D2 w/'ilima 61 A flex shaft. I'm looking at a 913D2 with either a Bassara 50 shaft in "A" or Reg. flex.I hit the 913 with the Bassara 50 "A" flex at a demo day,and hit well, but I hit it very high. If I went with the Bassara 50 shaft in Reg. flex, will that give me a lower trajectory? Thanks in advance for your help.  Norris:

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  1. Cameron D


    You won't see much of a launch difference between the A and Regular flex.  The characteristics of those shafts are still the same, just with different flexes.  If you like the feel of that shaft and your launch isn't too high, then you could consider the Bassara W 55 in an A or Regular flex.  This won't drastically change your ball flight trajectory, but will help to bring the flight down a little.



  2. Gabe B



    It is important to find a place to hit the shaft before you make a choice between the two. I would try and find a Titleist fitter in your area and hit each shaft until you find the one that best suits your launch angle and gives you the best feel. I would also consider trying to continue with the 'ilima 61 shaft that you are currently hitting especially if you like that and hit it well.

  3. Norris

    Thanks for your input Gabe, and Camron. I'm hitting my 910D2 w/"ilima 61 really well, (I'd say better than any other driver I've ever had) but I guess I'm greedy since I was thinking the 913D2 with the lighter wt. bassara 50 shaft would give me even more distance, and that was my reason for changing drivers. Although, on the other hand, would the 913D2 upgrade give me enough more distance to be worth the extra expense?  One other option would be to purchase a Bassara shaft for my 910D2, which would be much less expensive, and I'm not sure if the 913D2 head is that much better than the 910D2. Guess I'm just never satisfied, even though I know I  have the best.  Thanks Again:

  4. Don O

    The Ilima shaft says 61, but according to the spec sheet it is only 54 or 56 g, in A/R so a 49/50 g shaft won't alter your swing speed that much.  That the Bassara is a higher launching shaft - and you are seeing a higher launch, it may have too much kick. 

    If you are greedy, then you may want to look at the Diamana S+ 62 g as well as a stock shaft and see how that trajectory is. If you're RH, then any of the box retailers will have the S+ in stock on the 10.5, and you can compare it in the store with your current and see if there is a relative distance change.  If the numbers are close, the 910 is still the second best driver right behind the best.   If you could get 5-8 yards more, would you be willing to pay for it?  Since the shafts are interchangable, you could upgrade the shaft.  The stock ones run around $150.

    Eventually, you need to be able to see numbers and full trajectory to see if you benefit.  I have the 910 Ilima R in a 10.5.  I tried a 913 with the Bassara A and the S+ R shafts, and the S+ both beat a png G15 12 A-flex, but not enough to justify replacing the 910.  I got about 3-5 yards (into a net inside) with the S+ at 11 over the Bassara at 10.25 (less spin was the difference).  The only LH 913 they had was the 9.5 from a fitting cart, hence the odd settings for loft.

  5. Christian G

    Definitely test any of these out before you buy.  It doesn't matter what the spec sheet says, when you hit them, they may perform completely different in real life.  

  6. Norris

    Thanks a lot Don for the in depth reply. I was going by the Titleist chart and the way I read it was there is a 8 gr. difference in the 'ilima 61 A flex and the Bassara 50 A flex, but didn't know if 8 gr. would make that much difference in swing speed. I really do appreciate your input since you've been there and done exactly what I've been wondering about. I did play a round at my local GC with a demo 913D2 w/Diamana 62 9.5* set at 11*. I hit it almost identical to my 910D2 w/'ilima 61 10.5* set at 11.25*. The only thing with the 913D2 was that I could only get the ball about 20-25 ft. off the ground. I guess that's where the kick point comes in.  Couldn't get any height with it, but did get a lot of roll. I guess the bottom line is, if I'm only going to get (like you said) 3-5 yds. more, it wouldn't be worth the extra expense. You did mention that the 910D2 was second best, right behind the best. Were you saying that the 913D2 was the best? I've seen so many post on here that say the 913 is better, and that many more say the 910 is best, so I just don't know. I do know that the 913 is said to have a bigger sweet spot, and that is my only complaint  about my 910D2, the sweet spot is so small in my 910, that I have to hit the ball dead center, or I missed the SS, and I can tell by the feel wheather I hit it or not. (not to mention ball flight and distance) The only other thing that I've thought about is to go to my local GC where I hit the 913 w/Diamana 62, and see if they'd let me put my 'ilima 61 shaft in their 913D2 head, and play a round with it. Thanks again for you comments Don, and I think now that I should just stick with what I've got, and be happy with it. 

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