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What degree wedges and what bounce


I have been playing the same wedges now for about 4 years now and it's seriously time for some new wedges. I currently have the 2009 model of the Titleist spin milled wedges in Oil Can and I'm looking to go to the new SM4 wedges in chrome. However I need deciding what to get, I am currently playing a 54* and 58*, but I would like to go to a 52*, 56*, and eventually a 60*. But in all of this what bounce should I get with each wedge, I'm in the middle of being a slider and a digger I take divots but not all the time and when I do they aren't very deep and the course I play the most on isn't the softest course in the world. Help!

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  1. Daniel C

    Check the Vokey site out...All the info you need

  2. AJAR

    Hey Matthew,

    You should also check out the current thread called "wedges PLEASE HELP!!!"

    wedges PLEASE HELP!!

  3. pulplvr

    The stock answer to a question like this is, See a fitter and have him/her check you out and advise on the proper bounce.  Most will be able to do a wedge fitting, especially Titleist certified fitters.  I worked with my pro/fitter and decided on 54/08 and 58/06 and am happy as punch with both of them.

  4. Lou G

    I'm playing an SM4 54-11 and 60-10 bent 1* strong.  Also carry a 64-07 but use it rarely.

    I do digging or sliding shots depending the conditions.  I can hit either off soft turf or tight lies, hard sand or soft sand.


  5. Skylar T

    It sounds like mid bounce is right for you.  Look for around 7 or 8 degrees of bounce.

  6. Mike C

    I would go to a fitting just like you would do for any club.  The wedges are probably the most important clubs in your bag so it is critical that they are properly setup for your swing.  The Vokey site has an excellent summary of am of their grinds and what swing types they are best suited for.  The website may give you a good place to start to get a feel fir the different sit-ups before your fitting.

  7. Christian G

    Not to add more confusion to the mix Matthew, but you also need to consider the conditions you play in most often.  Are the fairways hard or are they spongy and damp?  Are your bunkers packed down, or is the sand light and fluffy.  These variables should also be factored in when deciding the amount of bounce you need.  

  8. PK

    My advice would be to go to golf smith and try hitting them with different bounces and see which one feels right. Try different trajectories and see which bounce does well for each shot. There's lots of wedges out there to the point where you shouldn't have to compromise too much. 

  9. Lou G

    Also part of it is what you want. 

    The standard setup of 52-08, 56-11 and 60-07 is about as generic as it gets.

    The extreme setup would be adding a 64-07 to the mix.

    I've done PW, 54-11 (bent to 55) and 62-07.  Also had 50-08, 54-11, 58-04 and 62-07.   Also did 47-51 set wedges, 58-12 and 64-05.  I've mastered each set but there is some limitation.

    My current setup of PW (46), 54-11 and 60-10 bent 1* strong, and 64-07 is one that works in just about all conditions.  My main concern is how they play out of bunkers.   One golf course I practice at has hard sand, another has both a soft practice bunker and wet-compact sand practice bunker with a tall lip. 


  10. Keano26

    Yeah, what Connor said. Mid bounce. I have 8 degrees of bounce on 3 of my 4 sm4 wedges. The 8 bounce is perfect for me. It has a full sole and is perfect. My swing path tends to change unintentionally, and the 8 degrees responds well to when I take enormous divots AND when I am sliding the club under the ball. 8 degrees also gives me more versatility in different course conditions. It's a modest bounce that will respond well to wet and dry conditions in my experience. Low bounce is not effective in wet conditions. Same goes for high bounce in dry conditions. Yes, it's possible to make it work, but not exactly easy to do.

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