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AP-2 irons

stephen H

I just purchased the AP-2 irons and love the look and feel, but have noticed that they are at least a club shorter than my old titleist irons. That's disappointing. At my age I was hoping with the new technology I might actually pick up a little distance. They were custom made to my specs. Has anyone else discovered the same thing? If so, what did you do? I have been told that I should tweak the loft. thanks

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  1. Mike C

    That is interesting.  When I switched over to the AP2's several years ago I actually increased my distance by one club.  When I reviewed the specs from the AP2s and my previous clubs, I realized that the AP2 loft was a bit stronger with the remainder of the setup the same which helped to explain the distance change.  A different shaft can make a difference on ball flight and distance as can changes in the weight distribution in the head between the old iron and the new.  You may want to compare the specs and overall setup between the two clubs.  I would also go back to the fitter with both sets of clubs and work with him or her to "iron out" the differences.

  2. Cameron D


    Before adjusting the lofts, I would have your local golf shop check the lofts of the club to make sure they standard.  I would also check the lofts of your previous Titleist irons.  They may have been stronger lofted to begin with.  Know that the AP2s can be bent +/-2*.



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