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NEW Irons

Alex E

I have been playing my Titleist DCI 762s since I bought them new years ago.  I want to get some new irons this summer what model would be the most similar.  CB?

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  1. Connor I.

    Hey Alex, the CB's will probably be the closest to those irons but take a look at the AP2's though too. Good luck!



  2. chris s

    Same here...I have been playing the 804 OS irons since I bought them brand new in 2006.  I have been looking at buying a new set for some time but I am not willing to compromise in any way.  Due to my budget, I consider a new iron set a huge investment.  However I just saw the preview of the new 714 irons being played by the pros at the AT&T and I am now ready to buy them.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!   I will be waiting at my local shop to purchase the 714 AP2 irons.  I think these will be worth the wait and money.  Titleist all the way!!!!!!   Chris S

    Titleist 913 driver, 910 fariway woods, 804 OS irons, vokey 52 and 60 wedges, Scotty Cameron select putter :)

  3. David Browning

    The 762's weren't forged. So, the feel of those compared to the CB's will be totally different. 

    If you're in the market for some new irons, it's always best to be fitted for your clubs. That way, you'll have the correct shaft, length, lie angles, and so on. Use this link to find a fitter near you: 

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

  4. Carsten (Denmark)

    Hi guys,

    just wondering - i have played the 990 dci sinde they hit them market years ago and have been lucky to hold on to my 8 hcp. I am thinking of a change and have the CB´s and the AP2  (both 712) in mind. I have been measured on a TrackMan and saw that my trajecktory is a little high. Therefore i wonder, should i go for the CB´s in regular or the AP2´s 1 gd strong? Or any other combination? Thanks for a very good site (and sorry for my English) :-)

  5. Bill P

    Alex, I switched from 990's to AP2's this year, and couldn't be happier.....but, try all of the models to be sure you choose what works best for you.....good luck...!!

  6. NoleInSC

    Alex, I also bought a set of new DCI762 irons years ago and love them.  I just got fit for a set of AP1 irons last week and am anxiously awaiting its arrival along with a 913 D3 driver!  I don't think the 762s and AP1s are all that similar as far as specs go, but I chose the AP1s based on how they performed during the fitting.  For me, they felt terrific (like butter, as some would say), and I love the way they look at set up, and how forgiving they are for my golf swing.  

    My advice to you would be to get fit by a Titleist fitter and go from there.  Another thing to consider also is that a new series of irons will be available in November.  You may want to wait until then and try those out as well.  Either way you won't go wrong. Good luck!   

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