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714 AP2 Spin Numbers?


Does anyone know if the 714's have less spin than the 712's?

With the 712's I tried nearly every shaft on the market, but could not bring down the spin. Any wind at all and my round was doomed.

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  1. Keano26

    I found a little non-scientific study on the spin of AP1 irons vs. AP2 irons. They used 10 golfers with single digit handicaps and had them hit 5 balls with a 6 iron. The 712 AP1 spun 5900rpms, and the AP2 spun 6200rmps. The 710 series for both AP1 and AP2 spun 200rpms more than the 712 series. However, I know that the AP1s have about 2* less loft on every iron than the AP2. IE- AP2 9 iron -43*, AP1 9 iron- 41*

  2. Keano26

    My fault, A R, I misread your post. I thought you were referring to the AP2 712 irons.

  3. A R

    No worries, I appreciate the response anyway.

    Does anyone have any spin numbers on the 714 AP2's vs. the 712 AP2's?

  4. 19hole

    The 714 iron series are not yet released to the public. They have just started to be seeded to the Tour. I doubt that you will find any performance testing data will be available.

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