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Why am I told I won't be able to hit a MB

Matthew C

So I have been playing golf for two years and love the game. I went into my local golf store intending on buying a set of MB 712's but the guy simply said you won't be able to hit them  and said to come back to them when my handicap was a 5. I have heard it from many people that you won't be able to hit them they will be too hard to hit. Can someone go into depth on why I wouldn't be able to hit them? Also I  just bought a 6 iron 710 MB from the odd bag at another golf store. Plan on going this weekend  to give it a try. 

Thanyou in advance. 

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  1. AJAR


    'They' would say that only because it is a less forgiving club and would require relatively more accuracy to flush.

    Having said that, I was told the same but I took that to mean it will actually let me work on my swing and can only get better. It is a highly responsive club and it gives me a lot of feedback even on slightly mishit shots. If you are willing to 'work' on your golf and not concern yourself with scoring for a while then I would highly recommend it. I have had my 712 MBs for 9 months and love them and can hit them well. I love the response, feel, look and most importantly, they give me back what i put in.

  2. Jack S

    Matthew, don't listen to anybody. If think you can hit them you can. Well, guess what- I am a twelve year old using the 712 mbs. They are amazing off the club face when it well. When you hit them badly the club kinda wrings it your hands. When I first got them it took about a week and a half to get used to them. If you really want them buy them from someone else or of the Internet. If not the  mb then try the cb. I have a cb 3 and 4 iron and I hit them way better than my other long irons. Just giving you something to think about.      


  3. Thomas C

    Matthew - Without knowing anything about your game or it is.  The MBs are not as forgiving as the other clubs.  You can hit them but will pay dearly for any hits that are not center of the sweet spot.  I was at the range yesterday hitting MB and AP1 side by side (3-PW).  When I hit the MB clean, they flew just as far and felt awesome.  If I was even slightly off, I lost about 5-10 yds compared to the cavity back.  I'm a 15 handicap and I am waiting for my set of 712 AP2 after a custom fitting that showed the AP2 and shaft combination I hit were the best fit for my swing.  I HIGHLY recommend getting a custom fitting from a Titleist rep to find out which clubs really are best for you.  That is the only way to know for sure.

    Good luck with the golf.  It is an awesome sport you'll have for the rest of your life!

  4. Blair M

    Simply put, hit what you like.  While blades require a more precise strike to hit solidly, if you do decide to buy them, you will most likely learn how to be a good ball striker because of it.  It will take time and work but it will happen over time.  Also, if you do buy them and learn to like them, you wont need to buy another set of irons for a long time because blade irons never really change much over time.  In other words, blade irons today are basically the same as blade irons 30+ years ago no matter who manufactured them.  Cavity back irons (AP1's and AP2's) can change year to year and like many people, we tend to want the newest and most forgiving club on the market.  There are many great irons on the market today and generally speaking, good club fitters can give you good advice on what clubs will match your game the best, but at the end of the day, you are the person that has to hit them.

    Good luck!

  5. Hotsauce

    There's a big difference between Can and Should.  You can hit anything you want-  it's your money so I wouldn't worry about the guy in the shop.  However, before you dive right into the blades I would suggest getting fit or at least hitting them on an actual range.  A good fitter will be able to pair you up with right club for you.  You can see what your mishits will look like and what your ball flight is.  I wanted the MB's until I hit an AP2.  I liked the ball flight and the consistency my AP2's gave me.  I'm not a high ball hitter and had a hard time hitting it as high as I wanted with the MB's, but that's just me.  You might want something else, and you'll be able to tell what you want and like after you hit the clubs.

    just my .02

  6. Mike C

    It's intersting that somebody in a golf store gave you such a cut and dry opinion.  I play the AP2's because they have great feel AND forgiveness.  Can I hit the MB irons?  Abosolutely and they feel great when I hit them.  The issue for me is I don't always hit the clubs dead center and appreciate some forgiveness along with the workability of the club so I went with the AP2's.  I could probably play either but I appreciate the more forgiveness and (for me) tighter shot dispersion of the AP2 when I tested various permutations.

    I would recommend you go to a Titleist fitter, discuss your situation and try out the various head and shaft combination to come up with what is the best fit for you.  Some people can't get over the look of a certain club at address or the way it feels when you hit it.  These are all personal preferences that you have.  At the end of the day, the club you feel you can hit the best that gives you the outcome you want is the best fit for you.  Players of the AP1, AP2, CM and MB go across the handicap spectrum.  I played in a match against a +1 handicap player that had AP1 irons.  I was shocked.  When I asked him about it after the match, he indicated that he didn't really like to work the ball much and he liked the forgiveness of the club.  Likewise, he had always played cast clubs and preferred the feel.  I guess at the end of the day it is a personal preference.  Find what feels best to you and go with it.

  7. 19hole

    What you don't tell us is what handicap you play off, how oftern you get instruction and how often you practice. These are some of the things a fitter needs to know. To be honest, if I was asked by someone that I didn't ask these questions to or work on thier swing with I would never fit them with an MB. They are harder to hit and much less forgiving.

    The AP2 is a great feeling club, offers the forgivness of a cavity back and has a bit more offset them and MB (which has almost zero offset, making it harder to get the ball in the air). Another option for a more accomplished player woud be a set that has the longer irons in the AP2 and the short irons in the CB. The CB is a great trade-off between the MB and the AP2.

    For a novice player the right club is the AP1. Simply the easiest club in the Titleist lineup to hit.

    There a very many PGA and Tour players that use the AP2, so don't feel it is not a top quality iron.

    It is funny, I fit a number of people and they all pretty much think they know what they want to buy. After a proper fitting, they usually end up with a much different setup (head, shafts and shaft flex) than they ever thought they would.

    Go find a PGA professional that is also a Certified Fitter. He can help you the most. Between knowing the golf swing and how the cproper club will impact your game, he can offer the best clubs for your game.

  8. Tim Tiger

    I would listen to 19Hole.  It is his job to instruct and fit players for their abilities.  

    Get fit by a certified professional and trust what he has to tell you.

    MB's are great when you are swinging well. But when your off a bit, they can wreck a round as well.  I switched from Titleist MB's to the AP2 710's and am very happy with that decision.


  9. Lou G

    I CAN hit a player iron (tried a 735CM and 755) but get more distance out of the AP1.  There are also more things you can sometimes do with an AP1 or AP2 (like hit a bunker shot with an iron - not easy to do with a blade).

    For a store person to tell you to come back and get the irons when you have a 5 handicap is hogwash.  Somebody with a 20 handicap may have pro distance but an absolutely horrible short game.  Someone with a scratch handicap may barely drive a ball 220 yards and hit a 7 iron 140 but has a very strong short game.

    One needs to go to a fitter for the proper iron and even set makeup.


  10. Christian G

    If you have your swing grooved fairly well, then there's no reason you can't hit the MB's.  But stop and consider this for a moment, most of the Titleist tour pros don't play the MB's.  Lot's of AP2 and CB players on tour.  Why?  Because they're more forgiving, even for the pros.  Hit what feels right for your swing and your ability level.  

  11. Connor I.

    Lou is absolutely right, if your ball striking is good with your irons and you hit the center of the club face 9 out of 10 times than you should not have any problem with the blades. Hope this helps!



  12. scott a

    Great advice by all. Don't make the game harder than it needs to be. Get fit and swing them all. You'll know and the fitter will know. Trust what you see and hear.  

  13. Joshua L

    Please get properly fit by a certified professional. It will do more to increase your enjoyment of the game than any new off the shelf club will. 

    Everyone has pretty much already covered the difference between the MB's and the other irons in the Titleist family. I have played Mb's since high school, how ever in the winter when I go in for a fitting, I will be looking at switching the from MB's the ap2's. With how good the technology is getting you can do everything you can with an MB and still retain a high amount of forgiveness. 

  14. Matthew C

    Thank you all for your input, ill be going down to my nearest fitter this weekend

  15. West S


    I am 14 I am hitting the MB'S great I was told the same thing when I bought them. I have been playing my best golf. If you like'em buy'em!

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