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When will local Titleist reps have the Futura X available for demo?

george t

I know its an arrow & Indian situation, I'm just snakebitten on the greens and feel the time is right for a change.  Until the pas t month, I've been standing by my Scotty Cali Fastback, but I've been going back to my 2003 Futura more and more.  For whatever the reason, I just like that putter.

While I still have the Futura which I doubt I'll ever sell, I've also had a Kombi S Heavy that just wasn't right for me.  All that said, I'm looking forward to an extended demo of the Futura X.  When will the Titleist rep here in New England have one available for demo?

Additionally, does the regional fitting center in Mass offer putter fittings?  I've never been fit for a putter, but given the fact I use this club for 35-40 percent of my strokes per round, it seems foolish to have not been more scientific in the selection process.

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  1. Don O

    TT - you can extend this a nationwide response.  I struggle with 4-8 foot putts pulling (get more out of path with a softer swing), and the Futura-X, which must be better than a long-legged spider, should help me true up the short swing paths with better pendulum swings. 

    I know my local WI AFC does putter fittings, but I'm not aware of LH demo putters.  I've only seen RH Camerons at the local retailers.  I can demo with a RH putter (I can putt either side but have a dominant left eye that sees lines better behind the ball) but would prefer a LH demo.  If the local reps can get one for demo, I'd be willing to schedule it at the AFC.

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