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5 handicapper. wanting a better set of irons. CB? or AP?

ben v

hey i was wanting to get some forged clubs in the future and dont know what i should get. im on my highschool golf team and my clubs are regular shaft and are starting to feel flimsy and not stiff enough for my swing.  i really like the CBs and hit them well, as well as the ap2s. any suggestions? 

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  1. Todd T

    A lunch monitor nd PGA Pro will decide, but I left cb for the 2's and they are money.. Both were good, but 2's are forgiving... I put ego aside!

  2. Keano26

    I suggest you take a look at images for the new 714 series irons. I just saw the new AP2 and CB irons today, and I like the looks of the AP2. The AP2 basically gives you the same thing that the CB does with more forgiveness. I prefer the AP2s, just because I think they look awesome and are still players' clubs. Plus, they're forged as well. But if you get fitted and hit both irons, obviously you're going to want to go with whichever feels and hits better. I believe the 714s come out in the fall at the earliest, winter by the latest.

  3. Jose III R

    I've been playing golf for 50 years. I can still carry my 6 handicap, a little better on some months. I would advise you to go with the blades. They instil a slightly higher degree of care in the striking. You can always move to cavity backs later on. Even at my age, I still prefer to hit blades, finding that they offer much more feel and sensitivity to the shot.  In the long run, you will only benefit from the precision that accompanies the use of blades or muscle backs. I play with a set of Titleist 695s-- very happily.  If you are uncertain, go work with a set of second hand blades-- they're similar to the newer blades being produced today. That's the beauty of a classic design. Remember, the game was originally designed to be played with blade irons. I think that's true even if you go as far back as the hickory shaft. While there is much comfort and forgiveness in the cavity back, I can't help but feel that I'd be stepping away from the real challenge of honing my skills by relying on the latest technology. True, pros most probably choose clubs that will offer the highest percentage of success. Then again, we have the unfortunate experience of some who can't seem to find his old form with his new clubs-- at least not yet. There is also the case of Adam Scott and a whole bunch of top professionals who religiously stand by their blades. Either way, though, it is imperative that you have yourself fitted for the right flex. The shaft is really key to good distance, ball flight and proper shot shape. Good luck and happy golfing.

  4. 19hole

    Find a fitter in your area to help you out. You might look at a mixed set, AP2 in the longer irons and CB in the shorter. Gives you the ease of play in the longer irons plus the shot control of the shorter ones.

  5. Jimmy L

    I say go for the cb's. While people are raving over how incredible the ap2's are, many forget how great the cb's are. If you hit them well and like the feel, go for it. You are a low enough handicap to be able to play with them and they are quite incredible clubs.

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