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Oil Can!

Thomas C

I have a couple of oil-can finish SM4 wedges and they are rusting after just a couple of weeks.  I live in the Caribbean and it is always humid.  Is there anything I can do to keep them looking awesome?


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  1. chris b

    Aren't oil can wedges designed to rust??  The salt air of the Caribbean is not helping matters either.  Just my 2 cents :) 

    Are your other irons rusting as well?? 

  2. Angela V

    I use vinegar to remove a little of the finish and some rusting that occurs, just a little bit on a towel and wipe the wedge off. Makes it look nice and raw. If you want it to keep looking good apply some Mineral oil afterwards to keep it from rusting. Cheers
  3. 19hole

    It is the nature of the oil can finish to rust. It doesn't really effect play but it can look pretty ugly! You night want to try the Black Nickel on your next set. They don't rust and I find they play pretty much the same as the Oil Can finish.

  4. Thomas C

    Thanks Angela!  I ordered new chrome finish wedges with my AP2 set and I bought these as "fill in" wedges until they arrived.  I want to sell them now but people hate the rust look.  I'll use your tips for cleaning/preserving them. 

  5. Joshua L

    You can use CLR to remove the rust, however this will also remove majority of the Oil Can finish. The Oil Can finish is design to rust over time, but as stated earlier the salty sea air only speeds up the rusting process. Some people love the rusty wedges, other do not. I personally purchase oil can finished wedges and remove the finish before they ever hit a shot. 

  6. Mike C

    The oil can wedges will continue to rust no matter what you do, it is the nature of the exposed metal.  Even my chrome Vokeys rust on the bottom of the wedge when you wear a groove through the finish on the bottom of the club.  Doesn't impact the performance but it can drive you nuts if you like a clean look on the clubs.  

  7. Connor I.

    Hey Thomas, some naval jelly should take the rust right off. But the oil can finish wedges are meant to rust if you don't like the rust buy a plated wedge like the Tour Chrome or Black Nickel. Hope this helps!



  8. Manny

    I personally buy the oil can wedges for the sole reason that they will rust over time. I even go as far as to soak them in coke to strip the finish since regular players aren't able to purchase Vokeys in a raw finish. Moreover, most tour pros prefer rusted wedges because the rust helps promote spin. I wouldn't worry much about your wedge rusting, since that what it's supposed to do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new Vokeys.



  9. AJAR

    Hey Joshua,

    I'm with you on this. I've had oil can, bright brushed chrome and tour chrome, and I have to say my favorite is actually the raw finish once the oil can has worn off. Did you soak it in coke to remove the oil can completely?

  10. Greg P

    I agree with Manny.  I've got a couple of buddies that choose the oil can finish because they swear they can spin 'em better. 

    Rust is what they will do unless you keep oiling them.  I've seen guys keep a small mineral oil soaked rag in a baggie.  They use it after every round and the clubs look great. 

  11. Chris P

    The vinegar works well.  I also keep a small piece of scotch-brite pad in my bag to wipe off and stubborn spots.


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