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913 d2 grips

tom o

Love the 913 d2.  But got to say the grips are not the best!!!!!  They are on the thin side and aren't tacky at all.  In the hot humid weather of the last few days I struggled to hold on to the club.  In fact lost it once.


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  1. fred k


    i don't think the tour velvet grips are the best for humid/wet conditions.  you'll want to look at a cord grip for those conditions.  having said that, there was another thread about keeping your hands dry in humid conditions.  try baby powder or even divot sand in the cart bottles - but only on your hands.  i think it's a rules violation if you sprinkle directly on the grips themselves.

    otherwise, try a full cord tour velvet style or the gp multicompound grips.  good luck!


  2. Ryan H

    I have this problem with my wedges. After a few rounds, the grips seem slippery. But I have the golf pride multi-compound on my irons and love them. I've played maybe 75 rounds and they still feel great.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Dr. Kovatchian

    Try the Lamkin Crossline ACE 3GEN.

    Best grip on the market IMO.

    DR. K

  4. AJAR

    I have found this as a problem also on the Tour Velvet grip.

    For any amount of moisture a cord or multi-compund grip is the way to go.

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