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Replacing Titleist NS-Pro-970 R-FLEX Shaft


The shaft for my 804-OS seven iron snapped off at the top of the hosel, so need to be replaced.  Both a repair shop and a golf store (in Calgary Canada) say the Titleist NS-Pro-970 R-FLEX shaft that was ont his club is no longer available.

Is that so?  If still available how could it be ordered?  If not available, what are the closest equivalents?  The repair shop suggested a Nippon 950, perhaps because it is one that he has in stock or perhaps because it truly is an equivalent (says the NS-Pro-970 R-FLEX was made by Nippon for Titleist).


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  1. Ken W

    The man at the repair shop is correct in his recommendation. The numbers for Nippon shafts are related to their weights. A 9 means it's in the 90-100 gram range. A 10 over 100 grams etc. The numbers Nippon used for Titleist 804 irons were created for them and did not match anything exactly in the Nippon product line. The 950 is a perfect replacement if Titleist does not have any 970s left.

  2. radcan

    Took the club to the shop and placed work order at front desk for a Nippon 950.  Club had a Titleist NS-Pro-100 R-FLEX installed when I picked it up, talked to the repair guy in the back. Said he installed this one as was a better match, and also adjusted the butt and tip cutoff points to improve match.

    Golfed with it today and distance and trajectory on the driving range seemed to be similar to before.  But then I am not the best one to judge as not exactly a scratch player - am a member at a club with one course rated at 70.4/131 and the other at 70/129, and happy if I score in the low or mid 90's.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The NS pro 970 was a shaft made for us and has a slightly firmer tip than the 950.  We do have the NS pro 970 available, but your shop would have to send the club in to be reshafted in our Repair department as we don't sell raw shafts. 

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